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Wink Bingo

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Bingo Street

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Bingo Street has a very special shake the signpost free game where you can bag another £5 free for new players. You could get All this with your 1st deposit! Tickets start at 1p + there are weekly guaranteed jackpots! This site also accepts Ukash.

  • PayPal Bingo Sites

    With the newly available PayPal bingo sites you can now use your PayPal account to make deposits and fund your online bingo accounts.  PayPal is the most popular online payment system on the Internet, but until recently, it was not possible to use PayPal to play a bingo game. The incredibly fast growth of UK online bingo has made it impossible to continue ignoring this popular form of digital entertainment any further, especially with competitors moving in to fill the void. The same applies to new scratch cards sites, many of which are supported by paypal as well.

    Paypal Bingo – Easy, Safe and Quick

    Now you can use PayPal in a variety of online bingo sites. For now, only UK bingo sites accept PayPal payments. UK online bingo is the biggest online bingo market and also one of the best regulated ones, what with the long standing tradition of gambling in the UK and the acceptance of gambling as a legitimate form of entertainment. It’s no surprise that Bingo PayPal is available in the UK. PayPal is very popular in the US as well, as is online bingo, but since the legal situation is complicated with regard to playing bingo online for money in the USA, there are currently no PayPal bingo sites in the USA that accept PayPal to make payments.

    Bingo with PayPal

    One of the biggest advantages of playing bingo with PayPal is the ease in which you can actually make a deposit, but even more so – the ease of making a withdrawal. Transferring money from PayPal to a bingo site is easy, of course, but using your credit card to fund your account is easy as well. Still, when you finally hit that jackpot and win a prize in a PayPal bingo site, what you want is to have access to this money as quickly as possible. PayPal makes this possible, (as do the other online payment providers like UKash, read more about these other options just below). Getting your winnings credited to your PayPal account is easier and faster than almost any other option. With Bingo sites accepting PayPal you don’t need to wait anymore for a check in the post! And once your PayPal account is credited, you can use this money immediately for what PayPal was made for – buying cool stuff on the Internet! (of course you can also transfer the money to your bank account if you prefer to, but who can stand the temptation?). Bingo sites accepting PayPal bring players an added value they cannot overlook.

    Ukash Bingo Sites

    Ukash is another leading online payment solution, and there are many Ukash bingo sites – online bingo sites that accept Ukash vouchers. Ukash vouchers are issued in UK pounds and Euros, and are a very popular way to make payments on the Internet. Unlike PayPal, Ukash vouchers are purchased individually and there is no Ukash account connected to your bank account. Many bingo sites that accept PayPal, also accept Ukash, so you will usually have both options to use. Like PayPal, ukash is also available only to UK bingo players. Just to add, another option is to play in moneybookers bingo sites. Moneybookers is another good and safe online banking method.


    Play bingo with Ukash vouchers – better than Pay-pal?

    Ukash is known to be one of the safest online payment solutions, and for good reason. When you play bingo with Ukash vouchers you know that you are safe because you are only using the Ukash pin code, and are not giving away any financial information such as your bank account number, etc. Unlike in PayPal bingo sites, with ukash vouchers the amount you spend is limited to the amount of your ukash voucher. With PayPal bingo, you also are not giving away your bank account or credit card numbers, however your PayPal account is itself linked to your bank account, so theoretically, the paypal bingo site could misuse this information. Ukash codes are indeed a very safe method to play bingo online, but that’s not to say Bingo sites that take PayPal aren’t safe as well, especially with all the layers of protection you get when you make a deposit in a bingo site with paypal.

    Play Bingo Hollywood with PayPal and Ukash

    Bingo sites that accept e-wallets

    Neteller electronic wallet payment system (e-wallet) is another popular option to fund your online bingo account. If you want to play paypalbingo with an e-wallet, there are many options that are just as good as paypal bingo, and many times bingo sites using paypal will also accept them.

    One of the best known paypal competitors is Moneybookers. If you deposit money in bingo sites that accept moneybookers, you can expect to pay slightly higher commissions, but the withdrawal process will be quick and easy. Moneybookers (sometimes erroneously referred to as Moneybooker) is a good option for funding your bingo account if you prefer not to use your credit card.

    Another UK voucher based payment system like Ukash is Paysafe. Unlike Ukash, you can buy Paysafe pre-paid vouchers in US dollars as well as UK pounds and Euros. Paypsafe codes are usually for smaller sums, but most paysafe bingo sites will let you use more than one pre paid voucher at a time to fund your account if you wish to. Like Ukash, Paysafe has an advantage over paypal bingo since it is prepaid and extremely safe, so if you are playing in an online bingo site that you do not know very well, it may be better to use paysafe rather than paypal.

    Other options for paypal bingo alternatives: Chronopay bingo, playing bingo with sagepay, Wirecard, 2Checkout, CCNow and Kagi. If you happen to use one of these online payment solutions, you will be able to use them in several bingo sites.

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