1p Bingo Games


If there’s one thing lots of players look for online, it’s penny bingo sites. It’s no surprise cheap bingo sites are popular, mainly because they offer a cheap way to get a lot for your money. So, let’s find out some more, shall we?

Top penny bingo game sites


Hollywood – more properly known as Bingo Hollywood – offers penny games in both 75-ball and 90-ball options. Our tip – try Silver Screen at 1p a ticket and see if the stars will shower good fortune on you.

Bingo Street

Bingo Street is a friendly and engaging place, packed with lots of bingo games to try. They’ve got some free bingo games as well as paid ones, so it doesn’t stop with penny bingo games.

What are penny bingo games?

Here’s the rundown you need:

  1. Tickets cost no more than 10p a time
  2. They can cost as little as a single penny per ticket
  3. They usually have real prizes on offer too
  4. They’re very popular!

How are they different from free or no deposit bingo games?

1p bingo games are different to other bingo games. Here are the differences between these and free and no deposit games:

  1. There are more limitations to prizes won in free or no deposit games
  2. Penny bingo is easier to find and play on a regular basis
  3. You can usually find penny bingo games on a variety of sites – not all of them offer free bingo
  4. If you win a prize you keep it – free and no deposit prizes can come with T&Cs attached

Can you win real money and are there big pots?

Here are some things to bear in mind with penny bingo:

  • You can win real cash playing 1p bingo
  • Prizes tend to be smaller than for games with pricier tickets
  • The odds against winning a jackpot could be longer, owing to more players chasing the same pot
  • Some sites offer penny bingo with bigger prizes to get more players to participate
  • Some bingo sites offer new players the chance to play penny bingo for bigger jackpots
  • A 10p ticket might give you access to a bigger pot to win than a 1p ticket – even a slight difference to the ticket price can affect the jackpot amount provided

Are these games available 24/7?

The short answer is no. But, having said that, there are ways to make sure you’ve always got some penny bingo games to play:

  • Use more than one bingo site to access different games at different times
  • Look at when the games are available on each site and make sure you’re ready to play at the right time
  • Buy tickets before the game begins so you don’t miss out
  • Make a note of room opening times. They’re not always during the day – some run later than others
  • Continuously-running games are best, as they are always available even when other penny options aren’t

Are there Ts and Cs I should know about?

Here’s our top tip for this one – always, but always, check for terms and conditions before playing any bingo game. You’ll normally only get T&Cs and withdrawal limitations for free games and bingo games offered to newcomers using a no-deposit free cash offer. However, make sure you read any rules available for every penny game you find.

Is penny bingo for you?

There’s only one way to find out. Lots of players love penny bingo because they get a lot from their budget – even if they only have a few pounds to spend. Stretch your budget today and see how much you enjoy it.