888Ladies’ Games and Prizes

888Ladies’ Games and Prizes

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The fabulous, classy ladies of 888Ladies online bingo site offer much more than a fantastically fun, sophisticated little bingo site aimed at all you bingo divas out there – they also offer loads of chances to win some terrific jackpots and treats in their array of great bingo games. These perks, treats and promotions are reason enough to join their site even before you see that they are a bingo site that accept PayPal as a method of payment. This is a huge benefit to you online bingo lovers, because PayPal Bingo offers a quicker, easier and, above all, more secure way to make deposits and withdraw your winnings!

888Ladies offer a fab 200% welcome bonus, which will triple the deposit you make and give you more chances to win! The fact that this can be done via PayPal is a huge comfort to online bingo fans, as this vastly reduces the chances of credit card fraud because there is no need to enter your credit or debit card details. This leaves you free to enjoy the lovely bonuses without having to worry that your private details will fall into the wrong hands! It also makes for quicker withdrawals – how could you say no to that?

So when you play any of their excellent games and win their multitude of great cash prizes, the money can whizz straight from your 888Ladies account to you PayPal, where you can splurge it on some online shopping and fill your wardrobe or withdraw it and enjoy the cold hard cash! On top of all that, the games are extremely fun and fabulously girly, with £1,000 up for grabs in their Strictly Come Spinning Bingo Tournament! So if you Samba to the top of that glittering Leaderboard you will be £1,000 richer! The best thing about their games is that they vary regularly, so even though they may have a time limit on them, you can rest assured that there will always be something fantastic to play for whenever you join their ranks! They also have great season promotions – their £2K Halloween Howler will set you screaming with delight this Hollow’s Eve!

On top of all of this fabulousness are yet more little gems like free bingo and a cheeky little fiver that will be yours if you refer a friend! The cash prizes are fantastic at 888Ladies, but they also have terrific little treats too. Their Aftershock game is also something to be celebrated – £500 worth of delicious fashion vouchers could be yours in this game, and the fact that their games are such bargains mean that you have tonnes of chances to snap-up these cash prizes, all of which can be easily, safely and quickly withdrawn using PayPal – perfect!