As Seen on TV Bingo with PayPal


Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching your favourite soap, the adverts come on and then BOOM; bingo advert. We see so many bingo adverts on TV nowadays that it becomes easy to spot the good from the bad. Advertising is big business. With many of the biggest brands possessing a large advertising budget, we wonder how some of them still manage to get it so wrong. Luckily, there are a few superstars in the mix. Since we’re ‘glass half full’ kind of people, we’re going to focus on these adverts. All brands we’ll cover are fully compatible with the PayPal payment method. See, we’re off to a good start already! Here are the bingo brands that came top of our tv adverts for bingo ratings.

Wink Bingo

This brand is a fan favourite, of that there is no doubt. So it’s not surprising that when we assess their bingo as seen on TV offers, that they rate highly. Wink is a site bursting with vitality and this definitely comes across in their adverts. Their newest promotion is centred round their latest welcome offer. It now gives players a chance to spin the wheel to claim a range of awesome prizes including a tablet or even a mini break worth £1000. The advert features players dancing with the wheel of prizes in the background. It’s no wonder, really. If you’d just gotten your hands on one of these spectacular prizes, we’re sure you’d be dancing too. It’s light-hearted, upbeat yet still remains informative. This is just what you want from bingo adverts on TV!

888 Ladies

888 Ladies have stayed fun yet concise with this ad; which we totally admire. No one wants an ad to drag on for a long time. With 888 Ladies, we get the essential info that we need and a bit of fun to go with it- nothing more. As seen on tv bingo offers, tend to be welcome offers. This is another aspect that 888 Ladies have adopted. We get the premise of their welcome bonus plus a healthy dose of celebration. The trademark 888 Ladies pink is thrown in for good measure so we know exactly who we’re looking at. For fun, laughter and an easily digested message; 888 Ladies ticks all the boxes.

Sun Bingo

The Sun Bingo adverts are often hilarious! Many feature celebrity host Brian Dowling as he conducts his own chat show in the Sun Bingo Room. As many of you will already know, Sun Bingo is a site launched by the popular Sun newspaper. The site has a huge online presence and a great deal of celebrity endorsement. Although their adverts can tend not to impart much in the way of promotional information, they do leave you feeling lighter. Sun Bingo adverts perk you up and keeps the site firmly in your mind. Isn’t this what an ad is supposed to do? As seen on tv bingo sites should convey the energy of the site as well as the offers available. Some Sun Bingo adverts are more content heavy than others. We like that they are lively and often provide a laugh!

Bingo tv adverts have to be wary of reaching their audiences in the correct way. Bad content can leave viewers sick of the brand and less likely to consider playing at the site. Great content sticks in the mind of viewers. The best examples such as the ones above, provide both energy and enough information that we know exactly what’s on offer.

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