Back to School Team Event at Bingo Hollywood

Lucky Admiral

The summer is coming to a close and the kids are headed back to school, which is a blessing for the parents who have been running around after them all through the holidays. Bingo Hollywood are running a brand new bingo competition in honour of this and players will need to band together to take first place.

About the Promotion:

This is a team event in which bingo fans will be grouped together to win points and prizes from the site. It’s taking place all through this month with four different weekend rounds to take part in, the final one plays over the coming weekend so don’t miss out on your chance to play.

In this Bingo Hollywood promotion the top prize for a team is 1,000,000 star points, which is the loyalty scheme for this site. These can be redeemed by players to play free bingo for real cash here and this lump sum could see you playing for a long time.

1,000 of these star points amounts to £1 of bingo bonus money so the winning team will be getting £1000 in bingo bonuses to share. The second, third and fourth place teams will split a further 1,000,000 star points so if you’ve got team spirit you’ve got a high chance of getting your slice of the action.

To win the prizes the teams will need to compete in different bingo games all weekend to bank up the points that it takes to win. Each full house win nets 10 points, two line winners get 5 points and one line wins receive 3 points, it’s the team with most points on Sunday night that will be credited the loyalty points.

This weekend’s games take place in the Red Carpet room between 7pm and 11pm each night. You’ll be assigned a team when you start playing and as each bingo in this room will earn a further 10 points for your group. If you join in on the 100 games necessary over the weekend to be eligible to win you could be getting your share of this massive loyalty giveaway. If you play less than 100 games you’ll still get a portion of the prize if your team wins but the more games you’re involved in, the more star points you’ll get.

If you’re serious about supporting your team you can play in this room with your tablet or smartphone. Even if you’re busy or don’t want to sit at the computer their mobile app will keep you collecting points and leading the team to victory.

To play in the Red Carpet room tickets range from just 5p to 50p so you can even get in on this promotion on a budget. The best part about this promotion is that you’ll be able to keep all of your winnings from the game and also collect up those points when you do. This weekend long bingo party might be just what you need for a bit of rest and relaxation after the busyness of the summer holidays.

Join Bingo Hollywood:

If you’re not signed up with this site yet you can claim your £1 no deposit bonus with just a few details, then you can try before you buy in. When you do make your first deposit you’ll get a 300% on your first £5 that you add to your account as well as access to this fun promotion. You’ll automatically start collecting loyalty points on every game you play here so gamers on this site always get extra.

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