Bingo Giving: Play Games for Charity

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Playing online bingo for charity gives players the opportunity to get online with their favourite games, be in with the chance of a jackpot and do their part to help organisations. Sites that boast this feature can give away cash from players in a number of ways without impacting on how they play bingo. This makes it easier and more convenient to give generously and gives players the incentive to play in their bingo games.

How can Playing Bingo be Playing for Charity?

Typically a jackpot bingo game can bring in a lot of money for a site and the charity part comes in when they don’t keep all of this money. Instead they can pass this money along to their chosen organisation and just use the ticket price to cover the jackpot and running costs.

Some sites, like Rehab Bingo, are actually owned by a charity and they use the site to fund various projects. They’re site that pass on a percentage anything over and above the costs to other charities and organisations. This makes sense for the brand as bingo sites can be profitable and stay in business so they can be used as a means to raise money too. They aim to give to allow their players to feel good about the game and earn jackpots while also supporting those who need it. Their chosen charity works with adults with disabilities to provide them with the tools and support they need.

As the name suggests Charity Bingo online also do their part to give to organisations that need it. They take part of each player’s deposit and pledge it to a project in need of funding. They give £1 in every £20 to a charity that changes on a monthly basis. This doesn’t affect what they player gets to use on the site and skims off the top of their profits to share the cash with charities.

Gala Bingo also give to charity in a slightly different way, as they take the overall profit of the site and give a percentage to charity. They run special bonus codes and games to give donations to the Anthony Nolan Blood Cancer charity. They encourage their players to use these codes to give them a higher amount on their deposit and they give as much as 50% of the profits to the trust. This one works in a similar way to the National Lottery as they take what the players pay into the site to fund charity jackpot games and then give the proceeds away.

Each of these methods of giving work well and make bingo players the patron of charities without actually having to give themselves. In each instance the player keeps their full deposit, jackpot or bonus and the site the regular profits to charity.

Best Bingo Giving Sites

If you’re looking for a site to play bingo on for a good cause then try out the following:

Wink Bingo

– Working with Peter Andre this site helps to raise money for Cancer Research UK with a whole load of charity games. They have daily, weekly and monthly games that have varying jackpot amounts and percentages that go to the charity. Their celebrity guest has also used his star power to give away VIP tickets to his shows with the proceeds headed to the charity.

Mecca Bingo

– This site supports the Careers Trust to help those who help out others. In 2014 they raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the charity and they’re hoping to smash this target again this year. They also offer one off charity games for other organisations, like their Poppy Day bingo games that raised money for the Royal British Legion.

mecca-2015_300x250Give love at Mecca Bingo! Play and Support the Careers Trust today!