Bingo Sites with Bingo Tournaments

If you are a player who tends to play on your own, entering into an online bingo tournament could be a great way to switch up your gameplay. Playing against the site is great but playing against other roomies makes the experience more like that of the traditional bingo halls. Online bingo tournaments can heighten the tension and make the game higher octane. If you haven’t entered one yet then now is the time to try it. Broaden your horizons this year and give a tournament a shot. To ensure you’re fully equipped with all the knowledge you need, we’ve put together all the info to turn you into a tournament pro in no time!

Best sites to play in bingo tournaments

888 Ladies: This is a site where you’ll find a number of bingo tournament promos. Tournaments are not a long-standing offer on 888 Ladies, so be sure to keep up to date with the action or you might miss it! These tournaments are worth waiting for! This site boasts plenty of deposit offers- including a 500% welcome bonus. If you haven’t joined already, be sure to make it your first priority.

Tasty: At Tasty Bingo, keep an eye out for bingo tournaments. They are always worth entering on this site and pack in some great prizes. Again, on Tasty tournaments run as a promotion and are not a long-standing staple of the site. That’s what makes them so special! To give you a glimpse of this site’s generosity, when you make your first deposit you’ll be rewarded with £40 of playing credit.

Why are bingo tournaments so fun?

One of the main reasons why bingo tournaments are so fun is due to the fact that you get a chance to play against other players. Some tournaments ask you to play alone whilst in others, you’ll be part of a team. It is a more inclusive way to bingo online and brings back some of the social fun of the game- as it is often played in bingo halls.

Do you have to pay to play?

There are several ways to enter a tournament. It depends on the tournament which you are trying to enter. Some are free online bingo tournaments, for these there is no special stipulation to enter other than having to be a member of the site. Other tournaments will require you to pay an entry fee. This is one of the most common ways to enter a tournament. Players will pay to gain access to a specific section of bingo games at certain times. The more points won during these scheduled time will decide how high you place on the tournament leader board. In other cases, you will be able to play bingo games as normal and will be awarded points on the leader board depending on the outcomes of your games.

Are the prizes bigger and better if you play in a tournament?

Often bingo prizes are bigger and better in tournaments. Although in the case of free bingo tournaments, this is not the case. These prizes will be smaller in scale. Many free bingo tournaments will play for loyalty points or small amounts of bingo cash. However, as there is no entry fee players are still greatly rewarded.

Are there Ts & Cs to be aware of?

As with any promotion, you should always check the T’s and C’s before entering. This will allow you to see whether wagering requirements or minimal spend apply. Checking terms and conditions will also let you know how to enter. This ensures you don’t end up playing the wrong game or at the wrong time and manage to correctly accumulate the points you need to place highly on the board.

Online bingo tournaments are a brilliant way to play. They are a more interactive way to play the game and grant you a more social experience. Don’t take our word for it, give it a go today!