Where to Find the Best Bingo Jackpot Promos


Everyone loves knowing they have a shot at winning some bingo jackpots. There are plenty of jackpot promotions around, because they attract a lot of interest. But how much do you know about them?

Where To Find The Best Jackpot Promotions


There are great bingo jackpots available every day at Wink. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to the lot, including Magic Monday and Soothing Sunday, which offers up to £10k!


Big bingo room jackpots are the order of the day every day at mFortune. Jackpots go from emerald up to diamond level, which could be worth over £50k!

Bingo Street

Look forward to progressive bingo jackpots at Bingo Street. Have you seen the Gold Mine 75, or Money Box 90 pots – just two of several you could be in line to win if luck is on your side?

Bingo Hollywood

There are lots of bingo rooms to enjoy at Bingo Hollywood. Look for 75-ball and 90-ball bingo jackpots to enjoy and see which ones are available to win each day.

Types of Jackpot Promos

If you thought a jackpot was just a jackpot, think again. There are lots of variations around, and we’ve listed the most popular ones right here. Be aware, though – there are lots of other bingo sites out there and most of them have jackpots of one kind or another.

Ongoing Jackpots

You’ll find these at places such as:

  • Wink
  • The Unwind

Ongoing means these jackpots are always on offer, usually daily, so that gives you an excellent chance to win whenever you take part. They may offer other jackpot types as well, but ongoing ones mean you always have something to play for.

Sliding Jackpots

Bingo Street has a Cash Cottage sliding jackpot. These jackpots are on a downward slide, meaning the fewer numbers you need to call bingo, the bigger the jackpot will be. For example:

  1. Call bingo within 30 calls – win £500
  2. Call bingo within 40 calls – win £350
  3. Call bingo within 55 calls – win £100

Those are just for illustrative purposes, of course. Bingo sites usually give you a table showing the prizes given for calling bingo within a certain number of calls.

Progressive Jackpots

Bingo Street uses progressive jackpots. The Sweet Stack Up jackpot is available every evening there, and it means the jackpot gets larger the longer it goes without being claimed. The more tickets are bought, the higher the jackpot gets:

  • A small portion of each ticket bought goes into the pot
  • The more tickets people buy, the bigger the pot becomes
  • When someone calls bingo (or meets the prize requirements), the pot is won
  • Some jackpots may have a guaranteed minimum

And for more on guaranteed amounts, keep reading…

Guaranteed Jackpots

Don’t you love a guaranteed jackpot to try and win? A guaranteed pot means the amount mentioned is guaranteed to be paid out – whether it is £100 or £10,000!

The amount will be given before you start the game. These attract lots of players, but the amounts can range from small to large jackpots, so watch out for that.


mFortune is a good example of this kind of jackpot. They offer surprise VIP rewards that give players bonuses to enjoy putting to use on the jackpot games.

Newbies Jackpots

Wink has a Newbie Room that is open only to… you guessed it… newbies. This means there is a smaller group of people permitted to play for the jackpots on offer. Make the most of it while you have the chance!

Penny Games with Jackpots

Playing bingo for pennies is always good fun. Whatever budget you have, it lasts far longer playing these games. They can offer jackpots, too, although the prizes may be smaller than those available for higher-ticket games.

Look out for the following games offering jackpots at Bingo Street:

  1. Joy 90
  2. Happy Place

There are some great advantages of playing penny games with jackpots:

  • You can buy more tickets for a low price
  • This increases the odds of winning, since each ticket gives you a separate chance to do so
  • Prizes can still be worthwhile, especially when considering the low cost of playing
  • Penny game jackpots are generally available daily on many sites
  • Lots of sites offer them!

Which Jackpots Will You Go for When You Play Bingo Today?

There are many great reasons to play bingo, but the chance of winning a jackpot is surely among the most exciting of the lot. If you haven’t come across any jackpot bingo games yet, make a start now by visiting some of the websites we mentioned above. You may find you like some jackpot variations better than others, but whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to get involved today!

WTG Bingo

Paypal Bingo Sites with Best Refer a Friend Bonus


Bingo players are a sociable bunch and when you find a new site, you’ll probably want to tell your bingo loving pals. By doing this, you’re helping a site get a new player so it’s only right that you are rewarded for doing so. This is known as a refer a friend bonus and is a staple promotion on many sites.

Top Refer a Friend Bingo Sites

If you and your friends are ready to join a new site then use the following to get a juicy refer a friend offer:

Wink Bingo – You’ll love the games here so much that you’ll want your friends to join in! Rack up 15000 loyalty points when your friend makes a deposit.

888 Ladies – If you’re looking for a cheerful bingo site to share with your friends then this is it. Claim a 500% bonus by using code LADIES60.

Lady Lucks Casino – Don’t let the name fool you, this site has a new bingo game to play in every couple of minutes. Start your time here with a £20 no deposit bonus, what an offer!

Tasty Bingo – If you and your friends love sweet bingo sites then look no further. Deposit £10 here and you’ll be playing with £40 plus a load of loyalty points when your friends deposit too.

Have a look in the terms and conditions section of each site before claiming these offers.

What is a Refer a Friend Bonus?

A refer a friend promo is one that gives you a bonus for the successful registration or deposit of each player you refer. Technically they don’t even have to be your real friend, though it’s much more fun if they are.

The method in which this is credited varies from site to site and may include sending your friend a unique link or quoting your alias during the registration process. Once they have successfully signed up or deposited then you’ll get your bonus.

What Types of Bonuses can we Expect when we Refer a Friend?

These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the bingo site that you claim them from. The amount that you get differs as well as the method in which it is given, these can include:

  • Real cash
  • Bonus cash
  • Loyalty points
  • Bonus points
  • Vouchers
  • Tangible prizes
  • Free spins

Some of these bonuses are better than others, as they can be free of wagering requirements or just more appealing than others. When you claim these offers, you should weigh them up against the deposit that may be required from your friend and other offers on the market.

Most players prefer real cash so that they can withdraw it but if you get a tangible prize that is worth more from another site then the choice is obvious. It’s also about what you like as a player, as you might prefer to play with a bonus rather than free spins.

Are there T&Cs to be aware of?

With terms and conditions, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry and do some investigation. With refer a friend bingo sites, there should be a section on the promotion all about the terms you should know about. These might contain:

  • The wagering requirements that apply to a bonus given
  • How much your friend would need to deposit
  • What your loyalty points could be turned into
  • When the offer expires
  • What your friend needs to do for the bonus to be credited
  • Under what circumstances the bonus wouldn’t be given, e.g. in the case of duplicate accounts, where fraud is detected or unsatisfactory information is given

It’s always good to have a quick scan of these terms to ensure that the offer is as good as advertised.


If you’re a popular roomie that always has their finger on the pulse of new bingo sites, then you should refer your friends through these promotions. They get a great bingo experience and you get a bonus, so it’s win win.


PayPal Bingo with Free Spins


Free spins are an excellent way to have fun online without splashing any of your own cash. These can come as a bonus on your deposit, as a competition win or even as a surprise loyalty bonus. Check out what these promotions could be bringing you and all of the need to know info.

Best PayPal Bingo Sites with Free Spins

There are a variety of free spins bingo sites but here are just a couple of the ones that we like best!

  • Wink Bingo – This site will give you a free spins voucher on occasion, when you complete a challenge or even just at random. They have a lot of games to use them on and all of the terms to go along with them are very clear.
  • 888 Ladies – If you fancy a bingo site with a unique theme and bright bonuses then this is the one for you! They also add this as a voucher and this will show you which game to use them on and when it expires.
  • Tasty Bingo – Are you salivating at the thought of winning for free? Get over to this bingo site and start grabbing up free spins with your deposits on a wide selection of games.

How Do You Get Free Spins?

Exactly how you get your hands on free spins will differ on each site you play on. Taking part in competitions can give you them or you might find them added into your account as part of a reload bonus. The promotional area is the place to check out to find all of the different ways you can do so.

If you store your phone number and email address with a free spins bingo site then you should get a notification if a one off promotion is about to start. These will usually contain all of the info that you need to get the spins in your account and they’ll also tell you when you can expect them.

Do You Have To Deposit Money To Get Your Free Spins?

There are sites with free spins bonus no deposit promotions out there, though they can come with strict terms and conditions. It’s always a good idea to have a look at these so you don’t get a surprise when you play with them.

Can You Win Real Money?

It is possible to win money with a free spins bonus, if you’re savvy and know the wagering requirements attached. These spins are usually intended as a way to try out slots, rather than win any real cash but if you’re lucky then you could bypass the wagering requirements in a flash.

Are There Ts And Cs To Be Aware Of?

Each site’s specific terms will be different, as some are more lenient than others, so it can be important to have a look at these. With all of the sites that we have suggested, the terms are very clearly shown when you claim your bonus.

The spins usually have a set wager that they are worth, so it won’t be like you are playing the slot with the maximum wager. It’s usually set at a decent amount, so players won’t feel like they are playing for pennies either.

Another term that may apply to your bonus is an expiry date, which you should pay attention to if you don’t want to lose your bonus. This will be a date when the spins are removed from your account and you won’t be able to claim them back.

Wagering requirements should also be taken into account, as if you play with a bonus you will most likely receive bonus funds in return.

Now that you know everything there is to know about these bonuses, it’s time to get out there and get some for yourself!


First Deposit Bingo Bonus


With so many new bingo sites emerging onto the market each day they all want players to come and give them a try. One way to tempt these players in is to offer them a first deposit bonus that’s better than the rest.

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

A first deposit bingo bonus is one that’s given to a player when they make their first pay in to a site. The amount given will be a percentage of the amount paid in and it’s common to get at least double your money.

This can also be known as a welcome bonus, as it’s a gift for making a first appearance on the site and welcomes you to try the games. It’s not to be confused with a redeposit bonus, which is any one that occurs after the first one, and these are also offered by a lot of sites.

A first deposit bonus can be part of a wider welcome offer that may offer a higher rate on a set amount of first deposits.

What do the Percentages Mean?

The percentages displayed are how much your initial deposit will be multiplied by. On a £10 stake a 100% bonus would give you £20, as it gives the full amount back in bonus funds. Similarly a 200% bonus would turn £10 into £30 and these bonuses are easy to work out once you get the hang of them.

How do they Compare to Other Offers?

On some sites you may see an offer for a no deposit bonus, which is a set amount of funds made available to players on sign up. There’s no obligation to pay in money to claim the offer which is appealing to many players. As you’re using solely bonus funds, instead of a mixture of bonus and real cash, you won’t be a fully funded player and you’ll need to be aware of the wagering requirements of your bonus.

You might also be given free games for signing up but this can be restrictive when it comes to which games you can use them on. You most likely won’t be able to take part in jackpot games or progressive jackpot slots so you may prefer to go with a first deposit bonus.

Are there T & Cs to be aware of?

These deals don’t come with no strings attached but their requirements will change from site to site. All bonuses will have a minimum spend and a maximum bonus that you can get for depositing, as they don’t want players to pay in too little or get too big a bonus.

There will also be set wagering requirements for your bonus and these may vary on bingo and slots. Checking out a site’s terms for the bonus is a must before deciding, as these can prevent you from withdrawing your winnings in the long run.

Top First Deposit Bonus Sites

For the best first deposit bingo bonus you can use any one of our suggested sites below.

Wink Bingo – For one of the most exciting and best welcome bonus bingo offers take a look on this site. Their first deposit bonus will give you 250% on a £10 deposit and a chance to win up to £1000 on their wheel. Add in the code ‘WINKBINGO60’ to get another £10 on top of this offer.

888 Ladies – Using the code ‘LADIES60’ will give you a whopping £60 to use when you deposit £10 on the site. That amounts to an amazing 500% added to your deposit.

Mecca Bingo – On this site you’ll get £50 credited to your account once you spend £10 on bingo. This is slightly different to the other offers as you spend your cash first before being credited.

mecca-2015_300x250Grab an awesome 400% 1st deposit bonus @ Mecca Bingo! Play Now!

Bingo Sites with Newbie Rooms


Newbie offers are a superb way to help you practice bingo games. They help you gain experience, not to mention upping your chances of winning big! Find out everything you need to know right here about newbie bingo.

Best newbie offers

Big Tease

Enjoy 72 hours of free play in the Screen Test room when you sign up as a newbie at Big Tease. You also get 25 free spins to play on the Fluffy Too slot game – better still!


No deposit is required to grab a free fiver to start playing bingo at mFortune. Even better, they provide a 100% bonus for your first deposit, and you keep what you win when you start playing their bingo games.


Play bingo, enjoy the chat rooms, oh… and grab £5 free to start playing as a newbie at PocketWin Bingo!

What are newbie rooms?

Newbie rooms are designed for people who have just joined a bingo site. Newbie room bingo is usually limited to the first few days you are a member of a bingo site, so make the most of it while it is available.

They’re different to free rooms:

  • Newbie rooms are only open for an initial period after a person joins a site
  • Free rooms are open periodically for all members to enjoy

They’re also different to welcome offers:

  • Welcome offers consist of deposit bonuses and possibly free bingo tickets or free spins
  • Newbie rooms can be accessed to play in for a set period, are optional to enter, and might reward with bingo bonuses

Pros and cons of newbie rooms


  • Great for getting some practice in
  • You can find your niche more easily, i.e. do you prefer pattern games, speed bingo, classic bingo, or something else?
  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy access to support and advice if you need it in the early stages


  • Limited game options to choose from
  • You are limited to the amount of time you can spend there, i.e. it might only be a week
  • Winnings might be given as a bingo bonus rather than in hard cash

Do I have to deposit to play in a newbie room?

It depends on the individual site. Some do require a deposit, although it could be as little as £5 (and there could well be a bonus involved anyway). Others allow you to try a newbie room free, but you must then deposit to access other games and rooms on the site.

A no-deposit welcome offer gives you some cash to try out some bingo games. However, any winnings coming from that no-deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn until you have played through them as per the wagering requirements and Ts and Cs attached.

Meanwhile, deposit newbie welcome offers will also usually have Ts and Cs attached, and those wagering requirements too. Both options could grant you access to newbie rooms – it depends on the site. So, check the details before doing anything else.

Are there other ways I can play free?

Yes! And we’ve got the details for you here:

Free spins

These are free to use on slot games – either for a named game, or a game (or games) of your choice.

Free rooms

Many bingo sites offer free bingo rooms where you can take part without paying a penny.

Slot bonus

Slot games have bonus features you can trigger. There might also be bonuses available when you make a deposit, or join a new site.

VIP rewards

Become a bingo VIP and you’ll usually receive bonuses, bingo tickets, special deals, and lots more besides.

Tips for newbies

If you’re about to explore the best bingo newbie rooms, bear these pointers in mind
to help you enjoy your experience to the max.

  1. Compare offers on different sites – one might be preferable to another. Weigh up the different deals before you choose a newbie room bingo opportunity.
  2. Turn to chat moderators – they’re there to help, and they should be there 24/7, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Get social – get to know your other roomies. Everyone was new once, and they could have some great tips on how to play!
  4. Pay attention to time limits – your newbie deals will be time-limited, so make sure you know what your limits are. This will ensure you make the most of them while they last.

Dive into the nearest bingo newbie room for some bingo fun today

Bingo rooms for newbies are always great fun, and they make the perfect introduction to any online bingo site. Now you know what to look for, it’s time to play!