Neteller Bingo Sites


Alternative payment methods are all the rage these days – and Neteller is definitely one that has been cropping up continuously, with more and more people looking to bingo with Neteller. It’s often described as an e-wallet where you can easily and quickly transfer money. Money can be sent to any merchant that accepts it as a method and there aren’t any subscription or transaction fees.

This has becoming increasingly popular along with PayPal of course. It’s particularly good for people who don’t have the best credit, as if your card has previously been declined this provides you with something different and it can often be safer than using these. As essentially it’s a prepaid card – it’s also a very good way to keep track of your expenditure. Unfortunately you won’t find that every brand is a Neteller bingo site – however we have chosen some to get you started if this is your preferred payment method.

Bingo Hollywood

As you may have seen on TV Bingo Hollywood offers their new players a £1 free no deposit bonus! This isn’t a huge amount but enough to give you a taster for the site. This is then followed by a 300% welcome bonus – giving you £40 to spend on a tenner. There are also reloads up to 100% for the taking so there is always a reason to keep coming back for more.

There are tonnes of fab staple offers at this brand including the likes of Team Bingo, daily guaranteed jackpots, happy hours, chat games, extra bonuses and more. You should also be on the lookout for seasonal promotions such as prize giveaway’s, voucher giveaway’s and even trips of a lifetime! This brand is also mobile! [Read Full Review Here]

Wink Bingo

At Wink Bingo you can look forward to a smashing 200% welcome bonus as well as the chance to Spin the Wheel where you will get a guaranteed prize of £15-1000! You will also be treated to lashings of free bingo as well as penny bingo and risk free bingo to make your bonus cash stretch.

There are some fantastic pre-buy games and guaranteed jackpots for you to sink your teeth into – and you should also keep your eyes peeled for bingo and instant game tournaments, seasonal jackpots and heaps more. Wink Bingo is also mobile – and you will find that there are offers and promotions specific to hand held devices. There are some top bingo, casino and instant games giving you loads of variety. [Read Full Review Here]

Glossy Bingo

Glossy Bingo is powered by Microgaming so you will automatically expect games of the highest quality. You will be greeted with a 500% welcome bonus – giving you £50 to spend on a £10 deposit. The bonuses keep coming. On your 2nd deposit you can scoop a 100% bonus, a 200% on your 3rd and finally a 300% on your 4th! There is also 50% available on all your future deposits. See another excellent bingo site powered by Microgaming.

There are great monthly games where you can bag some big cash! There is the Big £10K, the Monthly Megapot where you could win £1,500 as well as another £2,000 game running each month. You will find some fantastic slots and casino offerings along with your bingo – so there is loads for you to enjoy and the graphics and animations are fantastic making it even more fun! There are  some progressive jackpots that will continue to rise until won and there are other staple offers such as Reverse Bingo Week, Nabors Week and more. You can also enjoy Glossy Bingo from your mobile!

These are just 3 Neteller bingo sites that you can enjoy. As you can see there are a variety of bonuses, promotions and jackpots and the good news is a lot of these are available on your mobile or tablet. You can use your Neteller account to deposit via mobile too – so if your details are already saved this makes things even more convenient for you! Would you rather stick to Card Payments? If so, read this

Lucky Admiral

Online Bingo with Money Bookers

Online Bingo with Money Bookers

More recently known as “Skrill”, Moneybookers is a terrific e-commerce facility that allows their customers to pay completely safely online without the chances of their credit card details being hacked and of course they are also given the ability to make deposits and withdraw instantly – what more could you want when it comes to depositing at an online bingo site?  The payments are so quick and easy because all you need is an email address and a password – that’s it!  They have extremely high security methods in pace in order to prevent any accounts being broken into and are an extremely popular method of payment for some online bingo sites.

ukash bingo sitesUse MoneyBookers at Gone Bingo!! Play Mobile Bingo too!! Click Here Now!!

In order to create an account, simply head to the Moneybookers site – which is now Skrill – and create a completely free account.  This then worlds as a digital wallet with which you can transfer cash all over the world.  When it comes to transferring your funds to your chosen bingo site, again all you need is the Moneybookers email address, password and deposit amount – it couldn’t be simpler.  This means that you have to input your bank details just once at the Moneybookers extremely secure site and never again, greatly reducing the risk of ever being robbed.  It also means that you are not left with any nasty hidden fines or fees to pay, as opposed to using a credit card.

MoneyBookers is so secure, quick and easy that it is fast becoming more and more popular, offering payment options to over 41 different currencies throughout 200 different countries.  You will find that when you look for a bingo site that accepts Moneybookers you will have a lot of options, however some sites seem to be lagging behind and have yet to offer this up.  You can rest assured that as the popularity grows, so too will the online bingo rooms that acceded Moneybookers as method of payment.

Find Moneybookers Bingo at:

Gone Bingo – who offer free no deposit cash AND mobile bingo!  Free no deposit PayPal bingo sites like Bingo Casa los offer Moneybookers as method of payment, as do Tea Time Bingo and Ruby Bingo, who also offer free no deposit bingo; we see a pattern emerging here!  The fact that these all offer no deposit bonuses mean that you can check out the games and promotions on offer and decide which one you like best before depositing with the safe and simple Moneybookers!

MasterCard – Perfect Online Payment Method

WTG Bingo

Regulars to our site will know that we advocate the use of alternative payments to credit cards due to the hidden fees and fines that you could wind up paying off when you use your credit card to deposit at a site. However, thanks to the MasterCard debit card option you can deposit at bingo sites that accept MasterCard and wave goodbye to those pesky and unfair penalties.

MasterCard is the most recognised payment method and every single bingo site accepts them as method of payment.  That means that whether you want to join the likes of Ruby Bingo, Bingo on the Box, Bingo Hollywood, Sparkling Bingo  to enjoy some no deposit free bingo action then you can do so as they all accept MasterCard.

The likes of Bingo Cove and City Bingo also accept MasterCard but you don’t have to use this as method of payment if you don’t want to, they both offer no deposit games with real cash prizes!  

When it comes time to make a deposit using MasterCard all you have to do is grab your debit card and fill out the long number on the front.  Then, it’s as easy as filling in the expiry date and choosing your deposit amount.

MasterCard Vs E-Wallets:

For anyone not completely sold on card payments there’s e-wallets, which are a great alternative to making MasterCard payments.

For example, e-wallets allow for instant transactions from your bank to your casino or bingo account. This is great way to stay on top of how much money is going into and out of your account. E-wallets also provide secure servers that will keep your card details and sensitive information safe at all times.

However, they do have a few problems; some e-wallets aren’t available on certain sites.

Also, some e-wallets payment systems like PayPal can lock your account without warning sometimes. Plus other e-wallet options like Neteller for example, can come with a few additional charges when you make online transfers.

MasterCard’s on the other hand are universally accepted across a wide range of sites, they’re relatively easy to set up and you can store a massive amount of cash on the cards since they’re directly linked to your bank account.

However, they too have a few downsides.

The biggest problem with MasterCard is that they aren’t 100% secure as you still have to store all of your sensitive information on the site you’re using, so if it gets hacked your details could be compromised.

Sites That Accept Master Card Payments:

MasterCard payments are accepted across tons of bingo sites out there, with so many to choose from, we’ve simplified things by selecting a couple that are worth checking out.

Cheers Bingo:

Make a minimum deposit of £10 into this site and you will be given £20 to play with. Plus after your first top-up they will let you spin a wheel to win a cash prize of between £5 and £2,500.

Bingo Hollywood:

A first deposit here will give you a 300% bonus and 1,000 Star Points that will get you started on this sites Loyalty Programme.

Wink Bingo:

A first deposit of at least £5 on this bingo site will land you a 250% bonus and a turn on a prize wheel to win between £15 and £1,000.

MasterCard is an incredibly popular payment system and they’re guaranteed to be around for a long time on bingo sites as people will still rely on this system to handle their cash.

So when you’re making payments into your online account why not try using MasterCard?


Bingo with Diners Club

Bingo with Diners Club

You may not be aware of the corporation known as Diners Club International but they are a massive company who have been providing the world with financial facilities since the 1950’s.  Naturally they did not offer online payments back then, but their partnership with online payment giants Mastercard back in 2004 meant that all Diners Club cards were then given a 14 digit Mastercard number across the front.   The company was then taken over again by Discover Financial Services.

Enough of this mumbo-jumbo – all you really need to know is that Diners Club is basically just another credit card that you can use to deposit at online bingo sites.  However, the dwindling popularity of using credit cards to deposit online have meant that actually there is just one bingo site that currently takes this method of payment – Ruby Bingo.  Luckily for you, Ruby Bingo remains one of the top UK bingo sites and so you can expect all the lovely goodies that you would expect as well as some free no deposit cash to check out the site before you use your Diners Club card to deposit – at which point you will be given a terrific 300% cash match welcome bonus.

Credit Cards like Diners Club tend to get a bad reputation because they can slap you with hidden charges or penalties that could take you by surprise, but this is simple to avoid as long as you understand and accept the terms and conditions that Diners Club lay down.  This may look like a bad idea but trust us – there are a lot of perks connected to Diners Club.  When you use this card you will actually get special offers and promotions like free mobile apps, points, air miles and more.  There are no spending limits – so make sure you know and understand the repercussions of this before you go wild with that Diners Card – and things like access to fancy airport lounges, insurance programmes and loads more!

Deposit with PayPal anyway?? Click here to find out more!!

So when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at your fave bingo sites, something like a Diners Card would pull in more perks than the odd free bingo game.  But remember – make sure you fully understand credit cards and all the terms, conditions, fees and more that come along with them or you could get a nasty surprise!

Play Bingo Online with your Debit Card

Play Bingo Online with your Debit Card

When it comes to choosing an online bingo site, there are probably a lot of things that you will consider before you even look at the method of payment, especially if you fancy just using your Debit Card to deposit.   Every single site that you are ever likely to land on will most definitely accept debit card as a method of payment.  It’s quick and simple and every single person has one, so if you want to deposit at an online bingo site using your Debit card, the option are limitless.

WTG Bingo

Using your debit card to pay online could not be simpler – you simply have to have your debit card in front of you so that you can enter the information info the necessary fields.  Of course this will vary from site to site, but you will find that the typical information needed to deposit using your debit card at an online bingo site is the long number printed on the front of the card, the expiry date, the name of the issuing bank (this is not always necessary) and the details of the card holder like your name, address and telephone number.  The best part about using your debit card is, unlike a credit card, your fund will come out automatically and you won’t have to then pay it back.  Debit cards also do not come equipped with the fee’s or charged slapped on most credit cards, so the amount you wish to pay is the amount you DO pay and no more!

Still, do you wanna play bingo using your PayPal account?? Read more here…

As mentioned above, every single site offering bingo accepts debit cards, but they may vary from site to site in regards to which TYPE of debit card they accept.  There are tonnes of different types of debit cards from Visa Debit and Maestro Debit to Visa Electron, Solo and Switch.  This being said, the likelihood of a bingo site that accepts debit cards accepting all of the above is extremely high.

Where can I play Debit Card Bingo?

Anywhere!  Literally, anywhere! If you want to deposit using your debit card then you have the whole world of sites as your oyster!  This means that you can worry less about the payment methods and focus solely on what the bingo site offers up.  The likes of City Bingo, Wink Bingo, Ruby Bingo and William Hill Bingo.  These sites tend to offer the most promotions and free bingo treats and they all, of course, accept Debit Cards.

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Make your Online Payment with Cashu

Make your Online Payment with Cashu

Cashu is a fairly new thing when it comes to online bingo so you may well find that you are hard pushed to find a site that accepts this method of payment – yet!  This payment method is a bot hot an online casino sites but there are so many other terrific forms of payment that bingo sites that accept Ukash or PayPal have yet to realise this excellent facility.

Cashu is a terrific mobile and online payment facility that was initially only available in North Africa and the Middle East.  This was perfect for this community of people because both of these areas have rather limited means in regards to credit cards.  This is why Cashu was founded – it allowed citizens of these parts of the world to pay for online gaming without having to use any cards, and so opened up a whole world of online treats to a huge amount of people who would have been otherwise unable to do so.  This is exactly what Cashu can do for you – you can pay for things without having to brandish your credit and debit card details at every site that looks good, thereby considerably reducing the chances of ever being hacked or your details falling into the wrong hands.  Working much the same as PayPal and Neteller, with customers creating an account, inputting their details just once and using this account to shop online or top up their online gaming accounts.  This eliminates the need to input any personal details at bingo sites and therefor your details are far less likely to fall bingo the wrong hands.

As it stands, this method of payment really isn’t available at many online bingo sites, in fact none of the sites we have featured on PaypalBingoSites offer this as method of payment.  This is a relatively new form of online payment method and they have a lot of competition from other massive competitors so it could be a while before Cashu breaks into the mainstream and sites start to offer this up as a standard payment method.