Slots Jackpots


Would you be attracted to a jackpot slots machine? Many players are, and they don’t all visit real casinos to get a slice of the action either. There are lots of jackpots to be found online, and we are going to give you the lowdown on them right here.

Where to Scoop the Biggest Slot Jackpots

Big Tease

Dive into the jackpot section at Big Tease to find slots that offer bigger prizes. The unusual comic cartoon theme at this casino makes it stand out from the rest.

Lucky Admiral

Get shipshape with ease thanks to the jackpots section inside the games area at Lucky Admiral. You’ve got well over two dozen jackpot games to try.

Types of Slot Jackpots

Flat top

A flat top jackpot is one that remains at the same amount no matter how many players bet on the game. These are often mentioned inside the paytable for a slot rather than above the reels. It is usually shown as a multiplier of your bet amount.


These are the best jackpot opportunities of all. They will gradually get larger as more people bet on the game. A tiny portion of each bet goes into the pot to increase the value of the big prize.

They do come in various guises though. We’ve highlighted these for you below.

  • Stand alone: this relates to a single slot machine with a progressive jackpot that is not connected with any other game. The jackpot increases whenever someone makes another real bet on the game.
  • Proprietary: these jackpot games are owned and operated by the same casino. Thus, they are not linked to games at other casinos. 
  • Random: the name tells us everything we need to know. A random progressive jackpot is one that could drop at any time. It usually does so after any paid spin of the game, rather than requiring you to go through to a bonus feature where the pot could be won
  • Wide area/linked: this is where those huge jackpots come into play. Linked jackpots are ones where several games share the same jackpot, for example four games released by the same developer on a similar theme. They could be part of a series, but they are available at several casinos and all share the chance to award the big prize.

Special Promotions

Did you know you can sometimes find slot jackpots through special promos? If not, don’t worry – we’ve broken down the possibilities for you right here.

Loyalty/newbie promos

Newcomers to bingo and casino sites may get the chance to try some slot jackpot games that aren’t available to anyone else. Either that, or you might get free spins you can use on these games. Always read the rules before taking part, though.

Social media

Can you find any casinos with pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Some grant access to special games and jackpots if you follow them on social media. You will also hear about any forthcoming jackpot events before anyone else does.

Chat promos

Many bingo sites carry slot games alongside the bingo. Many such sites also have chat rooms where you can say hi to your fellow players. Watch out for special promos that are mentioned inside these chat rooms, as some may relate to jackpot slots.


Slot games often feature in tournaments. These give you the opportunity to be in with a chance of winning additional prizes – including jackpots – over and above the regular prizes offered in a slot game.

Who’s Behind the Best Slot Jackpots?

There are some major developers behind the best jackpot slots available today. you will soon become familiar with names like these:

  • Microgaming
  • Eyecon
  • NetEnt
  • Real Time Gaming (RTG)

You might wonder how the biggest developers stay ahead of the competition. There are various techniques used to ensure their jackpot slots are among the best of all:

  1. More than one jackpot on offer per slot game
  2. The amounts reset to a value after being won (rather than resetting to zero)
  3. The amounts build up to huge levels before being won
  4. They offer all players a chance to get the big jackpot prize, not just those placing a larger bet

Mega Moolah

Four progressive jackpots sit at the top of the five reels in this animal-themed slot. The game itself is also great fun, with a wild lion and some free spins available whenever three, four, or five scatters land on the reels.


Aztec’s Millions

Watch out for a wild stacked Aztec King appearing on the five reels of this game, hopefully assisting you in finding winning lines. Meanwhile, the Aztec Idol will grant between five and 25 free games for three or more appearing over the reels.


Fluffy Too Mega Jackpot

The pink elephant is in demand here as a wild symbol, while gold coins act as scatters. There are three progressive jackpots to be won in the game, all randomly triggered during play.

Which Slot Jackpots are You Going to Play For?

Phew, there is a lot to look forward to here. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots online today, but there are many others. Which ones will you check out first?

Lucky Admiral

Get More for Less with Slot Bonuses

WTG Bingo

If you’re like us, you love the idea of a slots bonus or two. Well, we have plenty here to choose from, and once you know the story behind free slots bonuses, you can grab whatever you can find!

Our go-to sites for slots bonuses


Enjoy a first deposit bonus here for starters. Bingo Hollywood also offers reload bonuses you can put to good use.


Wink is packed with slots bonuses. The dedicated Wink Slots site offers 30 free spins before you even make a deposit!


Grab a free spins deal when you join mFortune. Keep what you win – that’s what the site promises.

Slots bonuses

The more you know about slots bonuses, the more you could win! Get the lowdown on the biggest bonuses around right here.

Free spins

These are exactly what they sound like – free spins to play on the slots. You could spot a couple of these:

  • Free spins for one game only (cannot be used on any other game)
  • Free spins to be used on any game you like

The T&Cs on a site will tell you what you can use the spins for, if there is more than one option.

No deposit and deposit slots bonus

Slots no deposit bonuses are given when you join a site, but before you make a deposit. They come in two varieties:

  1. Free spins
  2. A bonus you can turn into free spins by using it to wager on games

Meanwhile, a deposit slots bonus is given when you make a deposit. This also comes in different varieties:

  1. Free spins given in addition to a cash bonus
  2. A cash bonus (usually a percentage of whatever you deposit)

Free rounds bonus

Some slot games have free rounds that can be unlocked and played. If you get the right combination of symbols on the reels, a bonus round can be triggered. There could be more than one round available in a game – each one triggered in a different way.

Some examples of these are:

  • Free spins with multipliers on any prizes won
  • Pick an item to determine your prize
  • Multiple-level bonuses

In-game bonuses

When you play the regular base game in a slot, you might spot other in-game bonuses too. These include:

  • Multiplier values to trigger bigger prizes
  • Wild icons to help form additional wins
  • Scatter icons that can win anywhere if you have enough of them

Cash back bonuses

Cash back bonuses are granted when you spend a required amount on slot games. For example, you might make £100 in deposits over a week, and you will get a percentage back as a bonus.

Slot promos

Slot promos are always worth looking out for. They tend to be time-limited, and may only relate to one game. Here are some points to think of:

  • New game is launched and players are offered 10, or 20, or however many, free spins on it
  • Coupon codes allow players to claim a slot promo
  • Sometimes available only for new players who sign up to join a site

Pick and match prizes and pick-to- win prizes

These sometimes occur as games within the main slot game. For example:

  • Pick and match prizes occur when you might see a selection of icons, and you are prompted to turn them over until you find two matching ones. Whichever one you match, that will be your prize. Each one is worth a different amount.
  • Pick to win prizes are those that allow you to pick one of several icons to reveal your prize. For instance, you might get three matching icons on the reels at once. You are then told to pick one to reveal a credit prize.

Top tip: Watch for games that allow you more than one shot at a pick to win prize

Sometimes, you might uncover three or four matching symbols to trigger the feature. You can occasionally keep choosing more symbols until you reveal a ‘collect’ message to end the game.

Exclusive bonuses

These are usually available for VIP members of a site. If you’re a member, you can claim! Make sure you qualify to make the most of these.

Are there Ts and Cs I should know about?

Watch for these elements that might come into play:

  1. Wagering requirements
  2. Cashable vs sticky bonuses – can you cash out whatever you win, or will you be unable to withdraw the bonus you were given?

3. Maximum cashout of winnings – you can only claim up to a certain monetary value

Get ready to make the best of slots bonuses now!

Slots with bonus possibilities are available on lots of different websites. So, make sure you get the best ones around by using our info to help you spot them. Don’t miss a single trick with our help!

£1 Bingo Games


You can’t get much for a pound nowadays, right? Unless… you are prepared to go looking for some great £1 bingo games online. Plenty of people do, and if you want to join them, you should keep reading to find out more about these exciting gaming opportunities.

Best sites for £1 bingo


You’re always spoiled for choice at Wink Bingo, especially with games for a quid. Worra Wednesday allows you to play 90-ball bingo for a pound, as does Soothing Sunday!

Bingo Hollywood

If you have a thing for Mega Money jackpots, Bingo Hollywood has just the thing for you. Look out for the 1,000 Stars bingo game and the Encore game – both of which have big prizes to be won.

Tasty Bingo

Bingo really is tasty when you give it a try at Tasty Bingo! Ticket prices range from lower values up to a pound a go, giving you plenty of opportunities to win great prizes.

The lowdown: Is there a big difference in the prizes for games that cost 1p, £1, and £5 – £10 or more?

There can be, yes. If the entry price is lower, the prizes are likely to be lower, too. We’ve put together some examples so you can see how £1 bingo might work. Remember, though – every site is different and games can vary from time to time as well.

Two contrasting examples from Wink Bingo

  • Soothing Sunday games for £1 at Wink – jackpot up to £10,000
  • Thrilling Thursday games for 10p at Wink – jackpot is £500

Two contrasting examples from Bingo Hollywood

  • 1,000 Stars at Bingo Hollywood for £1 a go – jackpot is £1,000
  • Red Carpet at Bingo Hollywood for 5p a go – jackpot varies, but was £7.72 at the time of writing

So, you can see the prizes do vary and are higher when the ticket prices are bigger. Most people want to know if they have a shot at winning bigger jackpots for a pound a ticket, and we can see the answer is yes. They may not be as big as the biggest prizes, but they’re certainly sizeable!

There are several reasons why the prizes are bigger when you stump up £1 per ticket:

  1. Bigger prizes mean more players will take part
  2. More players mean more tickets are bought
  3. More ticket purchases mean a bigger prize fund
  4. If there is more than one bingo site offering the same jackpot game, they could pool the funds, making the game (and the jackpot) even more appealing

The downside of a bigger ticket price is that you likely won’t play as many tickets, thereby reducing the odds of winning. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have at getting some prizes. Also, if there is just one big jackpot, that’s all there is to win, so keep that in mind, too.

Are £1 games always available to play?

1 pound deposit bingo isn’t available at every bingo site. Moreover, the ones that do provide these games often only make them available on certain days and times.

  • Wink has a daily jackpot every day of the week… but only two have tickets worth £1
  • Bingo Hollywood’s Mega Money section reveals the next big games to be played… which could be in a few days’ time

Always check the games available on every bingo site you visit, whether you are new there or not. You’ll soon get a feel for when the games are played, and what days and times of the week they are available to buy tickets for. You can then get started.

Are there Ts and Cs I should know about?

All bingo games come with terms and conditions, £1 bingo games included. We have some tips to keep in mind as you play. Additionally, you should think about the following points so you know where you stand.

  • Read the T&Cs for the site before taking part
  • Check any wagering requirements that might be in play
  • Look at the prize pot for the £1 bingo game you are thinking of playing
  • How often are £1 games on offer?
  • How many tickets can you buy?
  • Are there other prizes, or is the game all about the big jackpot?

By assessing the rules of each game, and the possible prizes to be won, you can figure out what your chances are, and whether you wish to take part.

Get ready to try your luck with some £1 bingo games today

Are you up for playing some £1 bingo online? The ticket price is affordable for many, and it also opens the door to some significant prizes. Even if you usually play cheaper games with tickets worth 1p or more, one pound bingo could be the route to take to get some bigger prizes.

mecca bingo

PayPal Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpot Slots

WTG Bingo

Progressive jackpot slots online are among the most popular games of all. There is good reason for that, since these games are great to play, with lots of features and of course the jackpot itself. Let’s see where you can start playing for progressive jackpots now.

Best sites to play progressive slots


Wink delivers a great selection of slot games alongside their more-familiar bingo offerings. If you want to be in with a chance to win a progressive pot, look for the games available here.


Tasty Bingo has a section reserved for progressive jackpots, so they are easy to find. From there, you merely need to decide which game to start with!


Head into the casino section of Bingo Hollywood and you can select the jackpot games so you know which ones have this built in. You’ve got more than a dozen to choose from!

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

Progressive slot jackpots are jackpots offered in addition to the biggest prize given in the paytable for a slot game. A portion of each bet made goes into the progressive pot, and when the requirements for the jackpot are met, the lucky person meeting those requirements will win the lot. More about these requirements in a moment.

Standalone vs network progressive jackpot slot

Yep, there are two types:

  1. A standalone jackpot is available on just one site
  2. A network jackpot is provided on more than one site

Each one has good points and bad points.

The standalone jackpot

  • PRO – only available on one site, so there’s less competition to win it
  • CON – it’s likely to be smaller, as fewer people will be playing for it

The network jackpot

  • PRO – more people are playing on more sites, so the progressive jackpot could be huge
  • CON – more people means more chances someone other than you will win it

When will the jackpot drop?

That’s the million-dollar question! No one knows, but there are different ways the jackpot could be triggered:

  • A specific combination of icons on the reels could trigger it
  • Some jackpots are triggered at random
  • Some (although not many) trigger when the jackpot hits a certain amount

How does RTP affect the winnings?

RTP stands for return-to-player. This is the amount a player could reasonably expect to get back, on average, over a long period playing the game. Of course, it could be a lot lower or higher depending on luck and playing time.

We’ve looked at one popular slot, Fluffy Favourites, which has a regular and a jackpot version. Information online reveals the standard version has an RTP of around 95%, while the jackpot version has an RTP of about 89.9%. This is because a portion of the bets placed will go into the jackpot fund, and very few players will ever win this.

So, the jackpot is there and you could win it, but in exchange for that possibility, the return-to-player percentage is likely to be lower for these games than it would be for regular slot games. Bear this in mind (although we doubt it will put anyone off playing them in the hope of winning!).

Can I win using bonus funds or free spins?

Some sites will only allow you to win progressive jackpots using real funds. Others will allow a win with bonus money or free spins… but you may find you need to play through your winnings several times before you can claim them.

Our advice? Always play for progressive jackpots with your own money, just to be safe! The worst thing would be to win and to discover you cannot withdraw any of that lovely cash.

Are there Ts and Cs to think about?

There are things you should watch for that won’t always be in effect, but if they are, it pays to know about it ahead of time.

  • Are winnings given in installments? If so, how many installments and how much is given each time?
  • Do withdrawal limits prohibit you from withdrawing all your winnings at once? If so, it may take a while to withdraw the maximum amount each day or week to get hold of your progressive jackpot prize
  • Are you required to agree to publicity? This may only mean your first name and your surname’s initial are used to promote the win, but it could mean photos are required. Always check first.

Top tip: check the rules on each site

Different sites will enact different rules in their T&Cs, and that applies to the conditions placed on jackpot slots as well.

Will you play progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive slots are good fun for good reason – the jackpots can be huge! With some approaching a million pounds or more, they can be life-changing if they come your way.

Lucky Admiral

1p Bingo Games


If there’s one thing lots of players look for online, it’s penny bingo sites. It’s no surprise cheap bingo sites are popular, mainly because they offer a cheap way to get a lot for your money. So, let’s find out some more, shall we?

Top penny bingo game sites


Hollywood – more properly known as Bingo Hollywood – offers penny games in both 75-ball and 90-ball options. Our tip – try Silver Screen at 1p a ticket and see if the stars will shower good fortune on you.

Bingo Street

Bingo Street is a friendly and engaging place, packed with lots of bingo games to try. They’ve got some free bingo games as well as paid ones, so it doesn’t stop with penny bingo games.

What are penny bingo games?

Here’s the rundown you need:

  1. Tickets cost no more than 10p a time
  2. They can cost as little as a single penny per ticket
  3. They usually have real prizes on offer too
  4. They’re very popular!

How are they different from free or no deposit bingo games?

1p bingo games are different to other bingo games. Here are the differences between these and free and no deposit games:

  1. There are more limitations to prizes won in free or no deposit games
  2. Penny bingo is easier to find and play on a regular basis
  3. You can usually find penny bingo games on a variety of sites – not all of them offer free bingo
  4. If you win a prize you keep it – free and no deposit prizes can come with T&Cs attached

Can you win real money and are there big pots?

Here are some things to bear in mind with penny bingo:

  • You can win real cash playing 1p bingo
  • Prizes tend to be smaller than for games with pricier tickets
  • The odds against winning a jackpot could be longer, owing to more players chasing the same pot
  • Some sites offer penny bingo with bigger prizes to get more players to participate
  • Some bingo sites offer new players the chance to play penny bingo for bigger jackpots
  • A 10p ticket might give you access to a bigger pot to win than a 1p ticket – even a slight difference to the ticket price can affect the jackpot amount provided

Are these games available 24/7?

The short answer is no. But, having said that, there are ways to make sure you’ve always got some penny bingo games to play:

  • Use more than one bingo site to access different games at different times
  • Look at when the games are available on each site and make sure you’re ready to play at the right time
  • Buy tickets before the game begins so you don’t miss out
  • Make a note of room opening times. They’re not always during the day – some run later than others
  • Continuously-running games are best, as they are always available even when other penny options aren’t

Are there Ts and Cs I should know about?

Here’s our top tip for this one – always, but always, check for terms and conditions before playing any bingo game. You’ll normally only get T&Cs and withdrawal limitations for free games and bingo games offered to newcomers using a no-deposit free cash offer. However, make sure you read any rules available for every penny game you find.

Is penny bingo for you?

There’s only one way to find out. Lots of players love penny bingo because they get a lot from their budget – even if they only have a few pounds to spend. Stretch your budget today and see how much you enjoy it.