Cassava Bingo Sites that Take PayPal


Cassava bingo sites are amongst the most popular on the web. Many players flock to these sites time and time again thanks to the positive user experience.  As a branch of 888 Holdings Ltd with many years under their belt, the brand has earned their place as one of the heavyweight players in the online bingo world. If you love playing at Cassava sites on the go or just prefer to utilise PayPal then we’re here to make sure you find the best Cassava bingo PayPal sites. We’ve even prepared a list so you don’t have to look too hard.

Best Sites Operated by Cassava

Wink Bingo

A trusted favourite of players everywhere, Wink Bingo has an amazing welcome offer and plenty of promos for existing players to indulge in. Deposit your first £10, receive a 350% bonus and spin the wheel for a guaranteed win.

Tasty Bingo

As part of the Joy of Bingo network, Tasty bingo offers a fantastic loyalty scheme. New players are in for a delicious treat with their first deposit, as £10 becomes £40 of playing credit.

888 Ladies Bingo

At this feminine site, a 500% first deposit bonus greets new players. As a fully-fledged member take on jackpots, free bingo and spectacular slots all-day every day.

When we think of the attributes of a great bingo site, Cassava enterprises bingo sites tick many of the boxes. With this brand, you get a reliable site with plenty of payment options. Given the size and scope of the brand, you’re guaranteed plenty of choice in terms of theme. From feminine sites aimed at the ladies to fun, new additions like Crocodile bingo; this firm has covered all bases.

Lucky Admiral

Who is Cassava?

As we mentioned earlier, Cassava is a branch of the mighty 888 Holdings Ltd. They operate many of the 888 bingo sites on their behalf. They operate under a gaming licence granted by the government of Gibraltar.

You won’t have to search very far on the web to find one of the many Cassava UK bingo sites. There are close to 70 sites by Cassava on the internet at the moment.

What Makes their Bingo Sites Special?

One of the main things which sets Cassava apart is their huge presence on the web- which we’ve highlighted. The brand is continually debuting new sites with different themes to keep things fresh and current. With the wealth of experience that Cassava has accumulated, regardless of the site theme, you are guaranteed a top quality playing experience and a huge selection of games.

Sites by this brand tend to offer lucrative welcome bonuses to new players. You’ll find several of Cassava bingo with no deposit bonus opportunities. Typically these no deposit bonuses will consist of a sum of playing credit. However, there have been instances where you can earn free spins simply by adding a credit or debit card to your account.

If you happen to be on a site which doesn’t offer a no deposit bonus, rest assured there is likely a very large deposit welcome bonus to compensate. You can generally expect upwards of a 300% welcome bonus with your first deposit. Often Cassava even throws in other perks such as newbie rooms or a spin the wheel promo. These can lead to guaranteed prizes. Cassava is certainly not a brand that disregards new players.

For many of us, looking to play at a new bingo site can be fraught with security concerns. It’s daunting finding a new place to deposit money. No one wants to be the victim of credit card fraud or land a huge win only for the site not to pay out. Luckily with these sites, you’re safeguarded against this. Many Cassava sites offer a huge number of payment methods including e-wallets such as PayPal. Paying via e-wallet can give your transaction an extra security boost thanks to the encryption software they utilise.

If you’re looking for a Cassava site that allows you to pay with PayPal, rest assured you’ll have plenty of options. The brand makes it super easy for you to deposit and withdraw using your preferred method. It’s never taxing playing on a site by Cassava.

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Smashword vs. PayPal Censorship

Smashword vs. PayPal Censorship

Those of us who love to use online PayPal bingo sites to safely deposit and withdraw at our fave sites may not realise that they are no strangers to causing quite the media stir!  Of course, PayPal offer us a valuable service that most of us would not wish to live without, but if recent PayPal scandals are anything to go by, it would appear that this massive global organisation has a few skeletons in their closets!  One of the most recent PayPal news stories is causing a stir all over the internet, and it would appear that PayPal are in the firing line.

Have you ever heard of the website, Smashwords?  It is an extremely well-known online company who provide the world with virtual books that have become entangled in a media frenzy and war of words with mega internet giant PayPal, who we currently love to use to ensure that our online bingo deposits are kept secure and safe.   It started when Smashwords – who were enjoying the success of uploading their 100,000th virtual, book to its massive collection – received a request from PayPal.  And what a request it was:  PayPal wanted Smashwords to remove almost 2,000 virtual books that PayPal had considered to be offensive!  Smashwords were understandably miffed, but PayPal went on to rub salt in the wound by telling them that if they failed to what PayPal requested then they would deactivate Smashwords own PayPal account.

Naturally, Smashwords were face with no alternative than to do what PayPal suggested.  Without PayPal, Smashwords could face losing their more-cautious customers because, after all, how were they to pay for their virtual book purchases?  However, they were able to postpone PayPal’s deactivation threats long enough to debate the situation.  All of this scandal has ignited a worldwide debate about censorship with some authors and advocates for anti-censorship are up in arms about PayPal’s blatant attempt at suppression and violation of free speech and have started a petition against them and, naturally, Smashwords are in full support of this protest.

Smashword and their followers agree that an organisation like PayPal should have absolutely no control over what their customers are selling, however PayPal feel that they do not want to be associated with some of the unappealing and inappropriate content of a lot of Smashwords virtual tittles, and despite their admirable fight, PayPal’s unwillingness to shift on their argument resulted in Smashword having to reluctantly succumb to PayPal’s censorship.

Wink Bingo’s Cheeky £2K Easter Pot!

Wink Bingo’s Cheeky £2K Easter Pot!

So Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Robert Burns Night and the Oscars promotions are all done and dusted, and as we SPRING into Spring it may seem like there are no more bingo promotions to enjoy until online bingo sites start firing out their summer promotions, but you would be wrong!  There’s still Easter, ladies and gents, so now you can look forward to egg-cellent and  delicious Easter themed goodies!  One of the most fun of all the UK bingo sites who never pass up an opportunity to celebrate is Wink Bingo, so make sure you head over there for the £2K Easter Teaser Egg Pot!

Remember when Easter was all about boiling your eggs and painting them all pretty?  Waking up and opening all the chocolate eggs left by the Easter Bunny?  Well no we’re all grown up’s and bingo mad, Easter is all about bingo bonus goodies and jackpots!  It may not be for a couple of weeks yet but Wink Bingo are making sure you don’t miss out this treat by introducing it early.  Instead of boring old eggs and sweeties, they are giving away a gigantic £2,000 Guaranteed Jackpot, so make sure you head to Win Bingo on Saturday 31st March and if you grab 1 line you will receive £100, 2 lines win £200, 3 lines win £300, 4 line winners scoop (you guessed it!) £400 and Full House winners will land a massive £1,000!  The tickets to this little tasty treat are just 20p, so make sure your pre-buy them right now!

This game is obviously a little while away so whilst you’re waiting to scoop some of that lovely cash, join now and play their Daily Delights game with £150 guaranteed, or how about checking out their Hidden Treasures and Booty Calls with tonnes of gizmos and gadgets up for grabs every week!  There’s free bingo and risk-free bingo, Team Bingo and some 5 line bingo delights – Wink Bingo make sure that joining is well worth your while!

You have to make a deposit with Wink Bingo to be in with a chance of bagging any of these prizes, so do so now and you will receive their excellent 200% cash match bonus AND  spin on the Wink Wheel that will determine which other lovely cash prize will be dolloped on top of that for FREE!  What are you waiting for?

William Hill Bingo’s Brand New Offers

William Hill Bingo’s Brand New Offers

You don’t get to be one of the UK’s biggest and most popular online bingo site by sitting back and not hanging out tonnes of excellent bingo bonuses, promotions and jackpots, and within the first few days of March alone they have proven why they are so well-loved by offering up 3 brand spanking new promotions all playing out within the space of just 18 days!

The first is the Double Points weekend, playing out from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March and offering Will Hill Bingo fans double the Loyalty Points just for playing their fave bingo games and online slots!  They are giving you this chance to move up the levels of the loyalty ladder in order to gain more and more bonuses and exclusive treats.  The second promotion begins on the 12th March and runs until 18th March.  It’s called the Saddle Up Free Bingo Week and it involves every single game running at 2 minutes past every hour between 9am and 4pm being 100% free!  Just because they are free, doesn’t mean there are no prizes!  There are cash pots of £50 and £75 up for grabs in this lovely bingo gem to celebrate the Cheltenham Festival.

Speaking of the Cheltenham Festival, every single day between 13th and the 16th arch, William Hill Bingo are celebrating by opening up their Paddock Room every night and popping in £1,000 worth of completely free bingo games!  There is one little drawback – to qualify for entry to the Paddock you need to spend at least £10 on bingo tickets before 7pm on any of those given days.  The doors of the Paddock will then open automatically at 8pm and you’re free to play for a total of £4,000 every night for free!

It doesn’t even stop there!  There’s BOG2F bingo running until 11th March, Mother’s Day Sunday celebrations with £20,000 Bingo Linx up for grabs and this is all before we even mention the weekly free bingo, weekly BOGOF bingo, £10,000 Bingo Linx every month and tonnes more!  Hey – they’re not one of Britain’s number one bingo sites for nothing!

So if you like the sound of this and want to check out these fantastic new offers then make sure you deposit now and enjoy an awesome £25 free bingo bonus when you deposit and play just £10!  You’ll also get free entry to some big jackpots games!

Avoid PayPal Pit-Falls

When it comes to you picking an online bingo site, you are most likely going to choose one of the many bingo sites that accept PayPal payments.  There’s a huge amount of commotion and excitement surrounding PayPal, especially in this day and age when internet fraud and scams are rife, with over 300,000 reported cases of fraud in 2011 alone.  This is why so many online bingo sites accept PayPal; they know the importance of being cautious and they fully realise that if they offer PayPal, this will give them an advantage over other bingo sites.  However – whilst PayPal is one of the safest and easiest ways to deposit at your favourite site and the amount of bingo sites accepting PayPal may be growing by the minute, PayPal has been under fire recently.

Reports have shown some potential pit-falls of this once extremely hailed and extremely popular payment method and it has recently come to light that whilst PayPal still remains an extremely safe option, there are a few things you need to consider when using PayPal to deposit at an online bingo site.  First and foremost, having a PayPal account means you can simply transfer funds to the bingo site in question without having to input your details, remember that you do have to input your details into PayPal in the first place.  This means that whilst an online bingo site may not have access to your bank account, PayPal does.  This of course means that you are still at risk from a dishonest PayPal employee.  However, if you register your bank account with PayPal rather than using your Credit Card to verify your PayPal account, a potential dishonest PayPal employee is likely to think twice about desecrating your account.  It is far easier for a bank to investigate, so it is far more likely that they will be found out.  Using your credit card to verify your PayPal address would give a potential wrong-doer your details as well as your security code on the back of your card, therefore if your account were to be tampered with, it would be much harder to trace.

Another potential pit-fall when using PayPal to deposit at an online bingo site comes when you wish to withdraw any winnings.  Don’t let your money sit in your PayPal account for too long – the longer it stays there, the more chance of it being siphoned.

Whilst this may all seem a bit far-fetched, it in no way means that this will never happen to you.  Yes it is unlikely, but it is well worth knowing the PayPal pitfalls especially if you wish to use PayPal to deposit and withdraw from an online bingo site.

PayPal Mobile Payments on the Horizon!

PayPal are a global institution these days.  First they introduced a far safer, quicker and easier way to pay for things online – including the depositing and withdrawing at your favourite bingo.  If you haven’t already discovered the wonders of being able to play bingo games on your mobile phone you don’t know what you’re missing!  The ability to whip your phone out at the bus stop, in the doctor’s waiting room or on your lunch break and play the latest bingo games for the biggest bingo promotions is heaven to online bingo fans!  Then PayPal progressed into the mobile bingo sector, and the fact that you could play bingo on your mobile become even more appealing!  Though you can never truly, 100% be completely safe from fraud and even PayPal isn’t completely immune to being tampered with, but right now it remains as one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for things online.  This means that there are more and more of you choosing an online bingo site that accept PayPal, but could you soon be using your PayPal account to buy your bingo tickets from your favourite brick and mortar bingo halls, too!

ukash bingo sitesPlay Mobile Bingo at Gone Bingo Mobile!! Click now!!

Recently, the President of PayPal stepped down to become the CEO of search engine giants Yahoo, which in turn gave PayPal the leadership necessary to kick-start their plan to introduce their plans to mobilise their payment processes even more – by introducing PayPal payment within shops!  This means that ion the foreseeable future, PayPal is attempting to take their online affiliation with over 100 million global shoppers into the world of tangible payments!  They will be hopefully be offering their digital wallet design to cash transactions at retail locations, planning to do so in a series of ways from PIN to credit cards – they could even develop an amazing technology in which consumers simply scanning the barcodes of the items they wish to buy with their mobile phones – connected to PayPal – and paying for them instantly!  It may seem too good to be true now, but at the rate that PayPal are developing and changing already, who knows what could be achieved in the next few years?

So the next time you are depositing on your mobile bingo account using PayPal, just think – in a few years’ time you could walk into your favourite bingo hall, scan the bingo ticket and it’s yours!

PayPal Stand Accused of Ruining Antique Violin

PayPal can rarely do any wrong in the eyes of the consumer, but recently they came heavily under-fire when they – allegedly – made a customer smash a gorgeous French antique violin to pieces due to an argument over the authenticity of the piece.

A popular online blog that heavily features rare and quirky handmade items that have been collected from all over the internet recently posted a message from user “Erica”.  Erica states that she sold a rare French violin of circa the 2nd World War to a buyer in Canada.  Having snapped up the violin for a massive $2,500 (£1,600), the buyer then argued the authenticity of the price – despite it reputedly being authenticated by an expert luthier – and wished to return the violin and claim a refund.  Due to PayPal’s terms of services in which there is a section stating in no uncertain terms that: “PayPal may require you to destroy the item and to provide evidence of its destruction” to resolve a payment quarrel, the buyer then proceeded to smash the antique violin and proudly post the results online.

And understandably upset Erica – who then had to give the buyer a REFUND – was heartbroken that she had lost such a rare violin that had survived the 2nd world war.  She stated: “Rather than have the violin returned to me, PayPal made the buyer DESTROY the violin in order to get his money back. They somehow deemed the violin as ‘counterfeit’ even though there is no such thing in the violin world.  It is beyond me why PayPal simply didn’t have the violin returned to me.”

As a rebuttal, PayPal responded: “While we cannot talk about this particular case due to PayPal’s privacy policy, we carefully review each case, and in general we may ask a buyer to destroy counterfeit goods if they supply signed evidence from a knowledgeable third party that the goods are indeed counterfeit. The reason why we reserve the option to ask the buyer to destroy the goods is that in many countries, including the US, it is a criminal offence to mail counterfeit goods back to a seller.”

Whilst the destruction of such a rare and beautiful work of art is indeed a terrible shame, this does serve as a cautionary tale to those of you who fail to read the terms and conditions of any site – including the established PayPal!

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PayPal Unite Against Phishing Emails

Have you ever logged into your inbox to find that PayPal has emailed you?  There are 3 possible outcomes of this occurrence; first is that it is indeed your PayPal, but they will never ask you to confirm any personal details via email.  Second, is you click the link, believe the email that states that your PayPal needs some personal information from you.  The third is that you phone your PayPal and the confirm that the email is false.  Had you been unfortunate and chosen the second option, you could find yourself falling victim to fraud, as the email in question will is a “phishing” email.

Phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting members of the public and are an attempt to obtain information like username, passwords, credit and debit card details. Use PayPal no credit card details!! Read more here… These emails will include a link to a site that will be more or less identical to your banks real page.  This is of course to deceive you into thinking that the email is legitimate and fool you into supplying the emails they require.  Recently, a brand new system named DMARC – Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance – has been created by various companies wishing to reduce the amounts of these phishing emails by cracking down on the deployment of these emails as well as reporting them to authentication protocols.  Basically – they want procedures in pace to make it far easier for the everyone to determine whether an email is a phishing attack.  The big names standing behind the DMARC are companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal.

Google’s Gmail product manager, Adam Dawes, stated: “We’ve been active in the leadership of the DMARC group for almost two years, and now that Gmail and several other large mail senders and providers — namely Facebook, LinkedIn, and PayPal — are actively using the DMARC specification, the road is paved for more members of the email ecosystem to start getting a handle on phishing.”

PayPal are one of the companies who’s massively popular and extremely well-established name is being used to try to trick people into divulging information that could see them having substantial amounts of money removed from their accounts, so naturally they are keen to back the work of the DMARC, and they hope to see a time when there is a fool-proof system in place to block any email that fails to pass authentication.

Dream Bingo Introduce PayPal!

Have you heard of the latest UK bingo site accepting PayPal?  It’s one of your favourites – or it should be, if you have ever sampled a bit of the online bingo action that you can enjoy there!

This newest bingo site accepting PayPal offers up tonnes of fantastic deals to keep you busy every single day of the week, be it beating the Monday blues by playing their fab BOGOF Monday Bingo, splurge on Tuppeny Tuesday, bag a slick gadget, designer perfume or high street vouchers in the Wednesday Prize night, test your knowledge on Thursday Night Pub Quiz or be the Queen of the Cash Castle daily Free Bingo!  All of this and so much could be yours at Dream Bingo, and the best part is that when you come to deposit so that you can enjoy the perks of all of this, you will be able to deposit at Dream Bingo using your PayPal account!  Not only will this mean that you can throw down your cash quicker, faster AND easier, but it also means you can withdraw your winnings immediately and start to use them online or withdraw them completely to feel that cold, hard cash in the palm of your hand!

If you’re not already a member, there is one page at Dream Bingo that is likely to change your mind.  Heading to the promotions page, click the “Specials” button and you will see 2 features congratulating Dream Bingo players on their massive winnings!  One has just scooped up a massive progressive jackpot playing 90 ball bingo – a massive £15, 450.17 to be exact!  Another had a spin on the slots and bagged a colossal £1,750,000 playing online slot game Major Millions at this terrific bingo site where PayPal is accepted!  That’s not the only slot available here; Dream Bingo is powered by Microgaming, meaning they have one of the very best slots collection going!  Also on offer here is the brand new Immortal Romance – try this out for Valentine’s Day! – as well as the massively popular Mega Moolah in which there is a mega progressive STARTING at £1,000,000!

So if you err on the side of caution and wish to choose one of the many bingo sites that are now accepting PayPal, Dream Bingo – the newest addition to PayPal Bingo! – could not be a better choice!  Oh, and did we mention that you receive a huge £15 free no deposit so that you can play bingo, no credit card required?

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Oscar Treats at Hollywood Bingo

Could there possibly be a better site to celebrate the upcoming Oscars than the most star-studded bingo site where PayPal is accepted – Bingo Hollywood?  Of course not – which is why they have not just 1 but 2 terrific Oscar-themed promotions for you to eat right up!

Did George Clooney smoulder in The Descendants?  Did Jean Dujardin tap-dance his way to your heart in The Artist?  Did The Help have you shedding more than a tear or 2?  Then Bingo Hollywood want to know about it!  They are giving away thousands of Star Points – with which you can play free bingo – in their Bingo Hollywood Oscars Red Carpet Room!  But that’s not all – the star of the show in this promotion is the brand new Apple iPad2!  How do you bag those coveted prizes from this smashing little PayPal bingo site?  Simply bingo on the Oscars Trophy pattern from now until 26th February and the Chat Host within the Red Carpet Room will give you the choice of 3 categories:  Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress.  Simply choose the one you fancy then guess who you think the Oscar will go to.  If you are correct, you will receive a share of Star Points!  You will also get the chance to bag that iPad 2, as Bingo Hollywood may even pull your name at random as the winner! What are you waiting for?? Click Here to start playing NOW!!


That couldn’t possibly be enough for this movie-loving bingo site, so the introduced yet another hot Oscars promotion to dazzle you this February; Oscars Team Bingo Event!  They have 2 million Star Points up for grabs in this one, with 1 million alone going to the team finishing in first place!  Every weekend in February, head to the correct bingo rooms and play from 7pm – 11pm and every time you win you will bag 10 points for your team.  Simple.

Bingo Hollywood are one of the best bingo sites accepting PayPal, so make sure you head over there now and deposit to claim your massive 300% welcome bonus!  But before you do, you could give their bingo games a try because they give you a taste of their bingo no credit card required via the mega free star points that they lavish upon you just for joining!  When you do deposit using your PayPal account, you are then free to play their multitude of fun-filled bingo games!