As Seen on TV Bingo with PayPal


Have you ever been sitting on the couch watching your favourite soap, the adverts come on and then BOOM; bingo advert. We see so many bingo adverts on TV nowadays that it becomes easy to spot the good from the bad. Advertising is big business. With many of the biggest brands possessing a large advertising budget, we wonder how some of them still manage to get it so wrong. Luckily, there are a few superstars in the mix. Since we’re ‘glass half full’ kind of people, we’re going to focus on these adverts. All brands we’ll cover are fully compatible with the PayPal payment method. See, we’re off to a good start already! Here are the bingo brands that came top of our tv adverts for bingo ratings.

Wink Bingo

This brand is a fan favourite, of that there is no doubt. So it’s not surprising that when we assess their bingo as seen on TV offers, that they rate highly. Wink is a site bursting with vitality and this definitely comes across in their adverts. Their newest promotion is centred round their latest welcome offer. It now gives players a chance to spin the wheel to claim a range of awesome prizes including a tablet or even a mini break worth £1000. The advert features players dancing with the wheel of prizes in the background. It’s no wonder, really. If you’d just gotten your hands on one of these spectacular prizes, we’re sure you’d be dancing too. It’s light-hearted, upbeat yet still remains informative. This is just what you want from bingo adverts on TV!

888 Ladies

888 Ladies have stayed fun yet concise with this ad; which we totally admire. No one wants an ad to drag on for a long time. With 888 Ladies, we get the essential info that we need and a bit of fun to go with it- nothing more. As seen on tv bingo offers, tend to be welcome offers. This is another aspect that 888 Ladies have adopted. We get the premise of their welcome bonus plus a healthy dose of celebration. The trademark 888 Ladies pink is thrown in for good measure so we know exactly who we’re looking at. For fun, laughter and an easily digested message; 888 Ladies ticks all the boxes.

Sun Bingo

The Sun Bingo adverts are often hilarious! Many feature celebrity host Brian Dowling as he conducts his own chat show in the Sun Bingo Room. As many of you will already know, Sun Bingo is a site launched by the popular Sun newspaper. The site has a huge online presence and a great deal of celebrity endorsement. Although their adverts can tend not to impart much in the way of promotional information, they do leave you feeling lighter. Sun Bingo adverts perk you up and keeps the site firmly in your mind. Isn’t this what an ad is supposed to do? As seen on tv bingo sites should convey the energy of the site as well as the offers available. Some Sun Bingo adverts are more content heavy than others. We like that they are lively and often provide a laugh!

Bingo tv adverts have to be wary of reaching their audiences in the correct way. Bad content can leave viewers sick of the brand and less likely to consider playing at the site. Great content sticks in the mind of viewers. The best examples such as the ones above, provide both energy and enough information that we know exactly what’s on offer.

mecca bingo

Iceland Bingo Review

Iceland is the only place to go for your frozen foods and the Iceland Bingo site is the only place to visit for all your bingo needs! Iceland Bingo is a relatively new bingo site, which brings all sorts of fun to the bingo community. You would be mad to miss out on any of it. Powered by Cassava, Iceland Bingo is making its way to the top of the bingo ladder. You won’t want to miss out on its epic journey to the top. This colourful and cheerful site will be your only stop for big jackpots and amazing bingo entertainment. This Iceland Bingo review will give you all the information you need to enjoy your visit as much as possible.

Welcomes and Offers

If you are not already signed up to Iceland Bingo then you picked a great time to register because players are being rewarded for their first deposits. Make sure you sign up now before this amazing offer disappears. After you have registered, all you have to do is make a deposit of at least £5 and you will receive an incredible 300% deposit bonus! So instead of depositing £10 and playing with that amount, you will get to enjoy your bingo with £40 in your bank!

If are already dedicated to Iceland Bingo then don’t feel sorry for yourself because it is not only new players who get rewarded. Loyal players also have something to shout about as well. Iceland Bingo gives players want they want in terms of great existing promotions. You can win daily vouchers between 6-8pm, to make your weekly shopping that bit better! There are monthly prize draws, where you could win food vouchers, bingo bonuses or even loyalty points. So make sure you are in the mix for the draw and you could be the winner! As with any site, be sure to check the full T’s and C’s before entering any promotion.

Games Available

Iceland bingo isn’t just a hub for bingo. At this great site, variety is the spice of life! Take advantage of the site’s huge array of slot games. Iceland Bingo hosts some of the most popular games on the web. Whether you want to switch up your gaming or simply have a bit of time between bingo games; these slots guarantee a good time. Your fortunes may be waiting for you at the end of the yellow brick road when you play the Wizard of Oz slot or maybe you will win a knockout prize from the Bruce Lee game! Enjoy these games anywhere on the go, as you can play Iceland Bingo on mobile as well!

Payment Methods

If you have been convinced and want to pledge your bingo future to Iceland then depositing is very simple. Iceland Bingo accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Maestro or Mastercard. You can even play Iceland bingo with PayPal!

Overall, we loved the Iceland Bingo site. It is different to most other sites, full of cheerfulness and busting with character. With a wide selection of bingo rooms and the best slot games available; you’d be bonkers to miss out on signing up to this site.

Spy Bingo Review

A super-secret, highly classified mission has been outlined and you have been identified as the number one agent to carry out the objective for the team. You have been asked to sneakily work your way into the Spy Bingo site and see what it has to offer. Try not to have too much fun- though this may be a little mission impossible! Spy Bingo site offers so much to players that they don’t get anywhere else. This Spy Bingo review briefs you on what to expect when you enter the site but remember you are on duty. Well… maybe a little fun won’t hurt anyone.

Welcomes and Promotions

You may enter this site as a specially selected agent but you will leave it as a passionate bingo player- especially when you see the welcome offer! The 300% deposit bonus will certainly help you on this mission as this will allow you to deposit £10 and play with £40. This is the sort of weaponry you need on as carry out this objective.

Even if you are already in the espionage business and have signed up for this site, there are also other promotions and offers that you can exploit as you continue on this fun-filled assignment. If you are already a funded player, then you can enter into the £200k bingo game where players can win a bumper prize and a share of £200k in payouts. On top of bingo wins, players can also win free spins to play on specific slot games- a prize of up to 100 spins is up for grabs. Make sure they are yours! Also ensure you are climbing the loyalty league and wait for your opportunity to cash in big. Like any good agent, it’s always best to do a bit of recon. That’s why we always recommend checking the terms and conditions on site before undertaking any promotion-related mission.

Games Available

Your solo objective may not just be bingo when you visit the site. You may be in here for a look at the slot games. If you are a lover for slots then you have visited the right place! This site doesn’t just payout big on bingo, there are also masses of prizes to be won across the 100+ slot games. Players may find their fortunes in the tombs of Egypt with the Temple of Isis slot or maybe they can dive into candy land to find the sweetest slot game treats with the popular Sugar Train game. No matter what slots you are into, Spy Bingo has you covered. As a top spy, you’ll want to know you’re working with the latest tech. Rest assured Spy Bingo has your back. Spy bingo on mobile lets you maintain comms with your favourite games wherever you are.

Payment Methods

The site is compatible with the likes of Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. You can also play Spy Bingo on PayPal if you like to keep it safe.

Overall, this is one of the best bingo sites on the internet, it comes with a very interesting theme and the rewards for completing your missions successfully can be huge.

Bingo Sites with Bingo Tournaments

If you are a player who tends to play on your own, entering into an online bingo tournament could be a great way to switch up your gameplay. Playing against the site is great but playing against other roomies makes the experience more like that of the traditional bingo halls. Online bingo tournaments can heighten the tension and make the game higher octane. If you haven’t entered one yet then now is the time to try it. Broaden your horizons this year and give a tournament a shot. To ensure you’re fully equipped with all the knowledge you need, we’ve put together all the info to turn you into a tournament pro in no time!

Best sites to play in bingo tournaments

888 Ladies: This is a site where you’ll find a number of bingo tournament promos. Tournaments are not a long-standing offer on 888 Ladies, so be sure to keep up to date with the action or you might miss it! These tournaments are worth waiting for! This site boasts plenty of deposit offers- including a 500% welcome bonus. If you haven’t joined already, be sure to make it your first priority.

Tasty: At Tasty Bingo, keep an eye out for bingo tournaments. They are always worth entering on this site and pack in some great prizes. Again, on Tasty tournaments run as a promotion and are not a long-standing staple of the site. That’s what makes them so special! To give you a glimpse of this site’s generosity, when you make your first deposit you’ll be rewarded with £40 of playing credit.

Why are bingo tournaments so fun?

One of the main reasons why bingo tournaments are so fun is due to the fact that you get a chance to play against other players. Some tournaments ask you to play alone whilst in others, you’ll be part of a team. It is a more inclusive way to bingo online and brings back some of the social fun of the game- as it is often played in bingo halls.

Do you have to pay to play?

There are several ways to enter a tournament. It depends on the tournament which you are trying to enter. Some are free online bingo tournaments, for these there is no special stipulation to enter other than having to be a member of the site. Other tournaments will require you to pay an entry fee. This is one of the most common ways to enter a tournament. Players will pay to gain access to a specific section of bingo games at certain times. The more points won during these scheduled time will decide how high you place on the tournament leader board. In other cases, you will be able to play bingo games as normal and will be awarded points on the leader board depending on the outcomes of your games.

Are the prizes bigger and better if you play in a tournament?

Often bingo prizes are bigger and better in tournaments. Although in the case of free bingo tournaments, this is not the case. These prizes will be smaller in scale. Many free bingo tournaments will play for loyalty points or small amounts of bingo cash. However, as there is no entry fee players are still greatly rewarded.

Are there Ts & Cs to be aware of?

As with any promotion, you should always check the T’s and C’s before entering. This will allow you to see whether wagering requirements or minimal spend apply. Checking terms and conditions will also let you know how to enter. This ensures you don’t end up playing the wrong game or at the wrong time and manage to correctly accumulate the points you need to place highly on the board.

Online bingo tournaments are a brilliant way to play. They are a more interactive way to play the game and grant you a more social experience. Don’t take our word for it, give it a go today!

Bingo Sites with Slots


They say variety is the spice of life so why don’t you try out a few slot games next time you’re waiting for your next bingo game to start up?  Yes, that’s right bingo sites have slot games too!

Slot games are easy to come by in the world of bingo these days and some of the best bingo sites with slots include Wink Bingo, Sun Bingo and 888 Ladies.  It might also be worth checking out some of the new bingo sites with slots to see what’s on offer there.

Why play slots on a bingo site?

You should play slots on a bingo site because it’s more convenient than having to go through another registration process and having to log in and out of different sites.  Plus, it’s just nice to play at a site that you’re already familiar with so you can easily navigate your way around.

Then, there are the bonuses and promotions to think about.  Bingo sites are pretty generous in this area so it would be a shame to miss out.  More and more bingo sites are also offering free slot bonuses as part of their welcome package and there’s always free spins up for grabs somewhere.  If you have a bit of a competitive streak then you’ll be glad to know that slot tourneys are also a regular feature on a lot of bingo sites.

How do you play slots?

Don’t worry if you haven’t played slots before because they’re pretty straightforward so you’ll be able to grasp them easily.  In fact, all it takes is a couple of clicks and you could be taking away a life-changing win!  No matter what slot game you decide to play first, to get started you will need to set your bet. You’ll find that most slots suit all types of budgets whether you’re a penny pincher or high-roller.  If you’re a newbie you might want to start with low wagers and work your way up.  Placing big bets might be riskier but it means bigger payouts so if you fancy scooping up the big jackpot prize make sure you bet big!

Once you have set your bet it’s usually just a matter of hitting the SPIN button to get the reels spinning.  The reels will be packed with various symbols and if they form a winning combination you’ll win a cash prize.  The symbols all have different values so you want to get the highest paying symbols landing on the reels.

What’s really exciting about slot games is that there are multiple ways to win which varies depending on the number of paylines.  The most common number of paylines is 25 which means you’ll have 25 chances to win every time you spin the reels.

Many slot games also come with bonus features which could give you the chance to win free spins or you might get to pick a guaranteed prize.  A classic feature that you’ll find on every slot game is the wild symbol which substitutes other symbols and if you’re really lucky they might even multiply your prize if they form part of a winning combination.

Before you start playing a new slot game it would be a good idea to check out the paytable to find out more about wild symbols and bonus features as well as paylines and the value of each symbol.

Paid vs free slot games

Free slot games are great for beginners because it gives you a chance to try them out without risking any of your own cash.  However, if you want to try out a particular slot for free before you spend any of your hard-earned cash  you might not be able to because there doesn’t tend to be a huge selection of free slot games on offer at bingo sites so they might not have that exact one.

If you’re a bit short of cash or you just like playing for fun then free slot games are perfect for you!  However, you won’t get the same thrills and excitement of playing for real cash.  All slot games have massive jackpots up for grabs but your only chance of getting your hands on them is by playing for real.

If you’re itching to start spinning the reels you’ll be glad to know that there are loads of bingo sites with slots so you won’t have any issue finding something to play.

WTG Bingo

Bingo Giving: Play Games for Charity

WTG Bingo

Playing online bingo for charity gives players the opportunity to get online with their favourite games, be in with the chance of a jackpot and do their part to help organisations. Sites that boast this feature can give away cash from players in a number of ways without impacting on how they play bingo. This makes it easier and more convenient to give generously and gives players the incentive to play in their bingo games.

How can Playing Bingo be Playing for Charity?

Typically a jackpot bingo game can bring in a lot of money for a site and the charity part comes in when they don’t keep all of this money. Instead they can pass this money along to their chosen organisation and just use the ticket price to cover the jackpot and running costs.

Some sites, like Rehab Bingo, are actually owned by a charity and they use the site to fund various projects. They’re site that pass on a percentage anything over and above the costs to other charities and organisations. This makes sense for the brand as bingo sites can be profitable and stay in business so they can be used as a means to raise money too. They aim to give to allow their players to feel good about the game and earn jackpots while also supporting those who need it. Their chosen charity works with adults with disabilities to provide them with the tools and support they need.

As the name suggests Charity Bingo online also do their part to give to organisations that need it. They take part of each player’s deposit and pledge it to a project in need of funding. They give £1 in every £20 to a charity that changes on a monthly basis. This doesn’t affect what they player gets to use on the site and skims off the top of their profits to share the cash with charities.

Gala Bingo also give to charity in a slightly different way, as they take the overall profit of the site and give a percentage to charity. They run special bonus codes and games to give donations to the Anthony Nolan Blood Cancer charity. They encourage their players to use these codes to give them a higher amount on their deposit and they give as much as 50% of the profits to the trust. This one works in a similar way to the National Lottery as they take what the players pay into the site to fund charity jackpot games and then give the proceeds away.

Each of these methods of giving work well and make bingo players the patron of charities without actually having to give themselves. In each instance the player keeps their full deposit, jackpot or bonus and the site the regular profits to charity.

Best Bingo Giving Sites

If you’re looking for a site to play bingo on for a good cause then try out the following:

Wink Bingo

– Working with Peter Andre this site helps to raise money for Cancer Research UK with a whole load of charity games. They have daily, weekly and monthly games that have varying jackpot amounts and percentages that go to the charity. Their celebrity guest has also used his star power to give away VIP tickets to his shows with the proceeds headed to the charity.

Mecca Bingo

– This site supports the Careers Trust to help those who help out others. In 2014 they raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the charity and they’re hoping to smash this target again this year. They also offer one off charity games for other organisations, like their Poppy Day bingo games that raised money for the Royal British Legion.

mecca-2015_300x250Give love at Mecca Bingo! Play and Support the Careers Trust today!

Pet Shop Bingo

201407011149_NewbieRoom_468x60Like Pet Shop Bingo, you get 7 days of free bingo @ Mecca! Join now!

If you love cuddly creatures as much as we do then try out Pet Shop Bingo to play with the cutest pets around. This fun site has such a unique theme and the cats, dogs and rabbits here make an interesting change to the usual themed bingo sites.

Bonuses and Promotions

On this site you can sign up and register to gain access into their free bingo room before you start to deposit. That’s a week’s worth of free bingo right off the bat and when you deposit £10 to keep the bingo balls rolling you’ll receive £25 for free. They’ll also enter you into a prize draw in which you can win free pet food for a year or a luxury hamper for you.

These fluffy mascots know the key to any bingo player’s heart – bonuses, and lots of them! So they keep their promotions page bustling with new and exciting offers. They have happy hours, jackpot games and slots of the week. They also have a fantastic loyalty scheme that rewards their players with free games and access to exclusive jackpot games.

Games Available

The bingo on this site leaves nothing to be desired, with an abundance of many types of games on offer. They have the innovative High 5 bingo, 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo games for those who love the traditional types. They also have video bingo for those who want a mixture of bingo and slots rolled into the one package.

Speaking of slots, you can also take these for a walk on this site and experience the thrill of an instant game. These slots allow the player to choose from a whole load of atmospheres and themes, as they can play on radically different slots like Fruit Shop, Sugar Train and Irish Luck.

For each of these options they also offer progressive jackpots which climb even higher with every spin and bingo ticket purchased. This collective pot can be won by any player and it makes these games even more exciting and better value for money.

Payment Methods

As you would expect you can play Pet Shop Bingo with PayPal but you can use other methods too. They also accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paysafecard so you’ve got a load of options to pick from.

Customer Service

The support team is on hand around the clock to help any customer when they need it. They can be contacted via email, live chat and you can even call them if you want to speak to them directly.

Our Conclusion

This Pet Shop Bingo review is glowingly positive as was our time on the site. The cute theme is right up our alley as the pets give this site an extra dose of fun when you play. No matter what your favourite pet is you’re sure to find it on part of this site whether it’s fluffy, scaly or feathered. There’s no end to the fun you can have here and if you want to take your new friends wherever you’re going then use their mobile version of this site.

No Download Bingo

Lucky Admiral

When you’re playing online bingo you’ll have a choice between download and no download bingo games. These each come with advantages and disadvantages, depending on the way you like to play.

What is no Download Bingo?

No download bingo is any site that you can use without having to download an app or program to use. Some older sites ask players to download their software to get online with and a lot of apps require you to download to play too.

These sites will allow you to jump online without a download package to install and there can be benefits to playing this way. It’s up to you which you prefer but have a look at the promotions that you have readily available to see if the site is for you.

No Download Bingo vs Download Bingo

Each of these ways to play is valid and it depends which the player finds most convenient and enjoyable.

No download bingo takes less time to get online with but with downloaded bingo packages you’ll be able to access the games quicker. Since files are stored on whichever device you’re using to play they can be retrieved faster than accessing them online, as would be necessary with a no download site. The downside to this is that you’ll have the files from the site taking up space on your PC or mobile device, which can fill up fast and make the software run slower.

With a downloaded bingo site you may need to update the software each time new games are added to keep the library up to date. They also may improve the software which will also require you to reinstall or update the site.

The idea of downloading can be confusing to newbies and some just prefer to keep their games online. Others are distrustful of unknown software downloads to keep their PC running smoothly, but if you research the site that you want to download from you can find out if they’re reliable or not. It’s easy to uninstall these sites if you need to and these can stop the device from running slowly if you’re encountering any issues.

Accepting both kinds of site will give you more choice in bingo providers and this will allow you to get the best deals. There’s no wrong answers when it comes to choosing but make sure that you check out all of the offers and games on site before you start downloading and depositing.

Top no download sites

If you want to cut out the hassle of downloading and just play on your chosen site then you can do just that on any one of our preferred sites below.

Tasty Bingo

– This delicious site will place a feast of promotions in front of you when you get playing here. Their 300% welcome bonus is just the start of the fun and you’ll love taking part in their regular games. The jackpot games are the icing on the cake though, so make sure you join in on these.

Bingo Hollywood

– This site will get you started with a fab 300% welcome bonus to get the VIP party in full swing. They’ll even give you hours of no download bingo free online as part of your newbie package, so you can dive into their lobby or slots catalogue without delay.

Mecca Bingo

– When you make a £10 pay in here you’ll find your balance boosted to £50 to play with on the double. With a plethora of games in their bingo and slots sections you won’t find a lack of things to play on. This established name is one of the biggest in bingo and you’ll enjoy everything that they have to offer under one roof.

How to pick a payment method for online bingo. Read on.

mecca bingo

Cupcake Bingo

mecca bingo

If you’re looking for something sassy, sweet and different to the rest, why not try Cupcake Bingo? This Dragonfish bingo site promises to let players have their cake and eat it. With a 200% bonus plus a free sweet treat, what’s not to love?

Cupcake Bingo Bonuses

If you join Cupcake Bingo today you’ll find yourself in for a real treat as they offer more than just bingo bonus funds. Of course if you do make a deposit of just £10 or more, you’ll get a 200% bonus on top, however there’s also something extra in store. New players get a special Cupcake Bingo cupcake sent directly to their door!

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, the welcome package also allows players to have a spin of the prize wheel, where more free funds are up for grabs, with up to £2,500 to be won! Then when you make your second deposit here you’ll also get a 100% bonus. That’s double the funds to check out the fab bingo games this site has to offer.

Other Promotions

There are plenty of great regular promotions to take advantage of on this site, including daily special bingo jackpots, Sweet Treats to play for on the 15th of every month and regular monthly cashback for players. Check out the £1,000 bingo jackpot games and of course limited time bonus codes that are awarded at random. That’s not to mention the top VIP reward scheme which treats players with deposit bonuses, cashback incentives, special jackpot games, bonuses and much more.

Cupcake Bingo Games

There’s plenty of great bingo fun to be had here. Players will find loads of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games in various rooms in the lobby. The games are so great you can even play them on the go thanks to Cupcake Bingo on mobile. Whether you’re after a regular game, penny bingo tickets, BOGOF deals, huge weekly and monthly jackpots or tangible prizes, Cupcake Bingo has it all.

Alongside the bingo there’s a whole library of top slot games so you never have to waste a second while you’re waiting for that big bingo game to start. Choose from popular titles like Fluffy Favourites and Piggy Payout to new titles with exciting bonus rounds.

Payment Options

Fans of PayPal bingo will be pleased to hear that Cupcake Bingo accepts this payment method alongside most major credit and debit cards. That’s not all though as other e-wallet provider Neteller and online transfer service Entropay are also accepted, alongside voucher code option Paysafecard, which recently bought over its rival Ukash.

Our Conclusion

Our overall Cupcake Bingo review is a fairly positive one – after all, this site has a lot to give. If you’re a fan of baked goods, banter and of course great bingo then this is definitely the place to play. With a generous welcome offer and plenty to keep you entertained, you can’t go wrong with Cupcake Bingo.


200K Jumbo Jackpot


There’s a massive jumbo jackpot bingo game about to hit your screens and this no lose game is one you’ll want to get in on. The game will pay out a total of £200k to players and everyone will take home part of it, the more you have staked on the game the bigger your return will be.

The Game

This network wide promotion will play out over many different sites on the 25th of September at 8pm and each ticket will cost you £1. This 90 ball game will have three main winners of lump sums and then all of the other players will share the rest of the cash.

The full house winner will receive a massive £50,000 then the player with two lines will win £30,000 and lastly a one line winner will get the last £20,000. After that the remaining £100k will be split between the rest of the players proportionate to the amount of tickets that they have.

The amount of tickets on offer over all of the sites hosting this promotion amount to 600,000 and a player can purchase a maximum of 96. No lose games don’t come along that often so pre buying your tickets to this 200k jumbo jackpot is essential if you don’t want to miss out.

Where to Play

With so many sites on the network all hosting this amazing event players can take their pick of where they’d like to play it. You might not think that it makes much difference as it’s the same game across them all but by shopping around you’ll be able to snap up more bonus funds to buy your tickets with.

These are our suggestions of the best places for you to get the most bang for your buck:

Wink Bingo – if you choose to sign up here ahead of the jackpot game then you’ll get £60 to play with when you deposit £10 using the special code ‘WINKBINGO60’ this gives you an extra £10 on top of their usual welcome bonus. Part of this includes the minimum of £15 that you’ll win on their prize wheel and you could win up to £1000 with this, think of all the tickets you could buy with that!

Tasty Bingo – over at this sweet site you’ll get a bonus of £30 on your first £10 deposit, which will give you an awesome £40 to play with here. Plus they provide their players with free bingo every, single day so you can practice before the game starts and get on your winning streak early.

Bingo Hollywood – this site is getting the party started early with a special warm up party before the big £200k game. The pre party will start at 6pm and last for 2 hours before the jumbo jackpot and these b
ingo games are paying out more than their fair share. If you want to sign up here to take part then they’ll add a 300% bonus on your first deposit and this could give you a maximum of £150 to play with.