Smashword vs. PayPal Censorship

Smashword vs. PayPal Censorship

Those of us who love to use online PayPal bingo sites to safely deposit and withdraw at our fave sites may not realise that they are no strangers to causing quite the media stir!  Of course, PayPal offer us a valuable service that most of us would not wish to live without, but if recent PayPal scandals are anything to go by, it would appear that this massive global organisation has a few skeletons in their closets!  One of the most recent PayPal news stories is causing a stir all over the internet, and it would appear that PayPal are in the firing line.

Have you ever heard of the website, Smashwords?  It is an extremely well-known online company who provide the world with virtual books that have become entangled in a media frenzy and war of words with mega internet giant PayPal, who we currently love to use to ensure that our online bingo deposits are kept secure and safe.   It started when Smashwords – who were enjoying the success of uploading their 100,000th virtual, book to its massive collection – received a request from PayPal.  And what a request it was:  PayPal wanted Smashwords to remove almost 2,000 virtual books that PayPal had considered to be offensive!  Smashwords were understandably miffed, but PayPal went on to rub salt in the wound by telling them that if they failed to what PayPal requested then they would deactivate Smashwords own PayPal account.

Naturally, Smashwords were face with no alternative than to do what PayPal suggested.  Without PayPal, Smashwords could face losing their more-cautious customers because, after all, how were they to pay for their virtual book purchases?  However, they were able to postpone PayPal’s deactivation threats long enough to debate the situation.  All of this scandal has ignited a worldwide debate about censorship with some authors and advocates for anti-censorship are up in arms about PayPal’s blatant attempt at suppression and violation of free speech and have started a petition against them and, naturally, Smashwords are in full support of this protest.

Smashword and their followers agree that an organisation like PayPal should have absolutely no control over what their customers are selling, however PayPal feel that they do not want to be associated with some of the unappealing and inappropriate content of a lot of Smashwords virtual tittles, and despite their admirable fight, PayPal’s unwillingness to shift on their argument resulted in Smashword having to reluctantly succumb to PayPal’s censorship.

PayPal in the Midst of Another Media Storm in Canada

PayPal in the Midst of Another Media Storm in Canada

PayPal are no strangers to scandal, and it would appear that they are currently PayPal is involved in another scandal!  Last Christmas alone they were at the centre of a media storm as they supposedly ruined Christmas for thousands of children worldwide when they allegedly pulled out of collaborating with children’s charity because they deemed it an “unworthy cause”.  Though this time, PayPal seem to be in a more helpful mood.

Just last week Elections Canada – the agency in charge of carrying out federal elections – confirmed that they are currently investigating over 31,000 voters cases across Canada in relation to automated calls that were alleged to have been made during the last election.  This move comes after allegations that many thousand phone calls that Election Canada received during the elections were directing voters to the incorrect polling centres.  It is thought that this was an effort to harass and isolate voters.

Citizens of Guelph, Ontario who had been attempting to vote made claims that they received automated messages directing them to wrong or completely non-existent polling centre.  As the investigations continued, it unfolded that a “burner” telephone – which is typically a completely separate phone-line utilised to carry out “shady” dealings –linked to the Ontario calls had been initiated by a company called RackNine, who are not being treated as culprits or under any of the investigations being led by Elections Canada.

It recently came to light that Elections Canada had in fact ordered the massive internet phenomenon that is PayPal to release “records”, PayPal operated under extremely strict policies regarding customer privacy and security and they refused to comment on the matter other than to confirm that they are working to co-operate with the court order issued by Election Canada, so it is unclear at present as to what Elections Canada hoped to gain from these PayPal records.

In light of this scandal, it has been reported that Canadian officials received more than 31,000 angry complaints, yet an unnamed MP for the Tory party claim that this situation was most likely caused by an Elections Canada error rather than outside interference, despite the fact that it has been uncovered that Elections Canada is trying to track down the person who registered the rogue telephone.  The person in question is said to have used the pseudonym “Pierre Poutine.”

When a company like PayPal continue to be such a huge presence, there are continuously going to be allegedly caught up in scandals.  However, as long as they continue to provide us with easy, safe and secure online bingo deposits then we online bingo fans are happy!

PayPal Help Your Charity Campaign

PayPal Help Your Charity Campaign

Online bingo sites are no stranger to fundraising, with many sites not only holding bingo games in which a chunk of the proceeds go to charity but some of them even donating to charity as standard.  It would appear that the organisation we all use to keep our online bingo account safe – PayPal – are a generous bunch themselves!  Naturally they allow those who wish to donate to charity to use their services to do so but they also dish out the title of PayPal Fundraiser of the Year in order to raise awareness of the charities in question and of course to give them the well-deserving recognition.

When you head to because you have seen a fantastic bingo site accepting PayPal and wish to set up an easy to use PayPal account, don’t just leave straight away – take a moment to read their “Raise Finds with PayPal” section.  This section details PayPal’s online fundraising tools to outline the ease of use and safety involved in fundraising with PayPal.  PayPal also make sure that they include helpful guidelines that allow you to make the most out of your donation and fundraising campaigns.  Read up on how to use your account to raise awareness and support your cause as well as using it to raise find with social media applications.  To make it even easier for your supporters to donate, they can even hep you to receive donations via your friend mobile phones.

PayPal are such a massive company that they naturally act as magnets to some bad press, rarely giving us PayPal users a glimpse into their generous and charitable side.  However they wish to help your charity campaign succeed so much that they even teach you how to create your very own custom website in order to support your cause!

The most recent case of and individuals who received massive success that is partly due to PayPal’s excellent charity features – that also include hints and tips to make your campaign a success – was PayPal’s Fundraiser of the Year in 2012 – Simon Adams.  He utilised PayPal’s services to raise a whopping £334,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association before later sadly dying of the disease.

So remember – using PayPal to deposit at online bingo sites is all very well and good, but why not employ their excellent fundraising services to have a bash at making the world a better place, too?

Pay your Food and Drink Bill with PayPal!

Pay your Food and Drink Bill with PayPal!

How often have you stopped to look at the door of a bar or restaurant looking for the Mastercard logo, the Visa sign or the Maestro symbol?  Probably every single time you venture anywhere!  Well you could soon be stopping to see if the PayPal logo is sitting alongside these, as PayPal have recently made such a tremendous leap in progress that you can now settle your bill using just your Smartphone and PayPal account.  That’s right, folks – not only can PayPal help to keep your details safe when you join an online bingo site accepting PayPal but it is even making it far easier, quicker and safer for you to pay for things in your day-to-day life!


 PayPal have utilised the growing popularity in mobile phone applications to design this technology set to revolutionise paying for your restaurant and bar tabs.  They are even trying to integrate their software into our local shopping centres to allow customers with a PayPal account to simply “swipe” their smartphones at the tills.  They do this by employing the services of the “Tabbedout” mobile phone application.  Those of you who are slight technophobes needn’t worry, as utilizing this leap in technology is as simple as opening a tab at the restaurant or bar of your choice using the Tabbedout application then entering your PayPal username and password – just like you would anywhere online or at your fave bingo site!  You will also be required to enter your PIN number to enhance the safety of this app and then you are free to pay your bill directly from your Smartphone.  As we all know from depositing at online bingo sites using PayPal, the cash is transferred almost immediately.

Not only will you be able to pay for your food and drinks but you will also be able to open your bar or restaurant bill to view it afterwards – a perfect way to keep track of your purchases without keeping a huge bundle of pesky receipts.  If you wish to have a look and see what this extremely handy PayPal Smartphone collaboration app could offer, head to where a demonstration is available to view.

At first, this innovative way to pay will be available to those PayPal and Smartphone users over the pond in Texas, but naturally it will be open to customers nationwide in the US and indeed worldwide not long after this, so we can soon look forward to this extremely handy payment method outside the realms of our fave bingo sites!