HTC Phone Bingo with PayPal

If you have an HTC phone then you might be wondering if you can indulge in the world of mobile bingo. Thankfully, you can and we’re happy to tell you how to play and where to get the best HTC mobile bingo.

Top Paypal Bingo Sites For HTC Phones

If you have one of the many HTC phones and want to find a mobile site that’s perfect for you then try these ones:

Moobile Games – Start your time off with £5 free play with no deposit needed. Find a range of mobile slots and a buzzing bingo lobby with this fantastic site.

LadyLucks – Claim a whopping £20 no deposit bonus to check out this site and their games. You’ll find regularly occurring bingo games and a decent selection of casino ones here.

Tasty Bingo – Sink your teeth into £40 to play with when you make your first £10 deposit on this site.

Mecca Bingo – Head to one of the most played bingo sites in the world on your HTC device. Spend £10 on their games and get £50 to play with in your account.

Pros and Cons of Using an HTC Phone for Bingo

HTC phone bingo isn’t much different than playing bingo on other devices, though there are a few things you may notice. The screens on HTC devices make them ideal for bingo, as they are bright and super responsive. The security on them is also great, so you can store your card details on an app without worrying about them.

The battery on these phones can also last much longer than the competition, especially with their proprietary super power saving mode. All bingo apps may not be compatible, as they might be created for more popular devices like Samsung phones.

How Does It Compare To Other Devices

There aren’t many tweaks to the operating system of HTC phones when compared to the regular Android operating system. They use the most up to date version of Android but they also have HTC Sense, which changes it slightly. Small things like the keyboard and way that the apps are displayed are different but this won’t influence bingo games too much.

When compared to iPhones, HTC offers much more customisation and a range of prices. They have a lot of devices in their catalogue that are capable of playing bingo, rather than just a few iOS devices. Currently, they don’t have any tablets in their portfolio though we could see some appearing in future.

Browser Based Vs. Downloadable Apps

When you play mobile bingo you can download an app or access a browser based mobile site and there are advantages of each.

With an app, you can load and play much quicker – especially if you stay logged in and have your payment methods saved. You can also affix a shortcut to your homescreen, so bingo is literally one tap away. HTC phones can have some problems with apps because they’re not always developed with these users in mind, so you might not be able to use an app with your smartphone.

On the browser based front, you won’t need to download and install an app to your device but it might take longer to get online. There are usually less problems with compatibility though, so this can be helpful if your device struggles with apps.


These phones are basically Android devices with a few changes, so they’re not a totally different type of operating system. They’re suited to online bingo, whether you choose an app or a site, so use them to get online with your favourite bingo site. HTC Sense won’t make a change to how you play bingo but the HD screens of these phones will make it even better.

Android Bingo Sites that Accept PayPal

Lucky Admiral

With so many of us choosing to play our bingo games when we’re out and about we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to all the ways we can play. One way to get online is by using an Android smartphone or tablet, which comes with a range of benefits.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using an Android to Play Bingo?

There are a range of advantages to using an Android device to get your bingo fix, especially when you compare it to a desktop computer. The main advantage is that it’s more flexible to play with, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as there’s an internet connection, and with a smartphone you can use your contract’s 3G instead of Wi-Fi.

Aside from the mobility of Android bingo you also have the advantage of playing on mobile only sites, which cater specifically to the mobile market. This is a double edged sword however, as there are plenty of sites out there that only cater to desktop users because of compatibility issues.

Bingo apps for Android devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous so players have even more choice of where to spend their cash. They can also stay logged in on their device so they can access their favourite games with just a few taps, much quicker than waiting for a computer to start up.

There are also plenty of free android bingo games out there that players can use to get their bingo fix without splashing out. This can also be good for players who are new to playing on a bingo app for android as they can practice as much as they want for free.

Android Bingo vs. iPhone Bingo

The main difference between Android and iPhone bingo is that there is a bigger range of devices available on the Android operating system. On the iOS system players can only chose between an iPad or an iPhone from the manufacturer, whereas Android devices come from many different manufacturers. This means that they also have a wider range of prices so players can decide if they want a high end or budget Android device.

How to Stay Safe

Anytime you chose to play online it’s imperative to stay safe and avoid fraudulent charges. The top way to keep your details safe when making payments online is to use a middleman, like PayPal, to handle the process. With PayPal transactions the merchant never sees your payment information so your card details are kept private, which may not be the case if you enter your card details onto a site. Android bingo sites that accept PayPal are everywhere, so you shouldn’t need to compromise when it comes to playing online and keeping your details safe.

Another safety tip is to only visit licenced providers, you should be able to see this information on any bingo provider’s website easily.

Top Android compatible sites

With so many Android compatible sites it can be hard to pick between the different providers, but we’ve got a few recommendations to get you started.

Wink Bingo will take good care of new players as they start you off with a 250% first deposit bonus, so you can practice playing bingo on your tablet without it costing you a fortune.

You’ll be in safe hands with Bingo Hollywood too, they’ll get you started with a 300% deposit bonus and their app is great on any device.

Lastly 888 Ladies will also reward new players with £50 to play with when they make their first deposit of £10 on the site.

mecca bingo

iPhone Bingo with PayPal


If there’s one thing in the gaming industry that’s become incredibly popular in the last couple of years it’s playing bingo on iPhones.

Mobile technology now allows us to play our favourite bingo games whenever we like on a brilliant and portable platform, plus there’s actually a lot more to it than it may first seem.

Browser-based iPhone Bingo Vs Downloadable Apps

There are two main ways in which you can get your fill of iPhone bingo with PayPal, you can either use a website through your device’s browser or you can download an app straight to your phone.

Both of these methods have their own positive and negative sides to using them.

For example, with mobile bingo sites you don’t have to download or update and additional software, they tend to be more stable than apps and they don’t require any game installations. However, you often have to log in to them and it can be considerably slower to use them than an app.

IPhone bingo apps, on the other hand, allow for instant access to your content, they feature a more streamlined design and they can sometimes incorporate additional features like use of your phone’s camera. However, they often have to go through lengthy downloads, installations and updates, plus they can temperamental on certain devices.

Are There Compatibility Issues?

There are still a few bugs you will encounter with iPhone bingo sites, but thankfully that’s mainly confined to the much older models. If you have anything above an iPhone 5 like a 5c or even an iPhone 6 and it runs on the latest iOS8 software, then you shouldn’t really run into any problems.

Staying Safe On iPhone Bingo Sites

One of the biggest concerns with playing bingo online is how you can keep yourself and your bank details safe. There are a number of different methods you can use and one of the most popular is to use an alternate payment system like PayPal or phone bill payments.

Both of these payment systems provide you with a range of benefits as well as a slew of problems to deal with.

For example, with PayPal you can enjoy instant transfers, third party payment procedures so the site you’re using never sees your card details and you can easily track how much cash is coming out your account and when.

However, its biggest fault is that your account can be locked without warning by PayPal staff and when that happens you have to endure a lengthy identification process with their Customer Service team.

Then there’s phone bill payments, with this you can instantly transfer cash into your account using your mobile and the money you put in is charged to your phone bill or taken out of your mobile credit.

It’s a great system that lets you instantly transfer cash in and it’s perfect for mobile players as you can top up your account and get back to gaming. However, your deposits are limited to a maximum of £10 at a time, so you can’t really play with large amounts of cash.

iPhone Friendly Bingo sites

Thanks to the popularity of iPhone bingo there’s now countless iPhone bingo sites that take PayPal, we’ve come up with a list of a few of our favourite sites to play on.

Bingo Hollywood:

A minimum deposit of £5 on Bingo Hollywood will let you pick up a 300% bonus, 1,000 Star Points to play with and seven whole days of free bingo games.

Wink Bingo:

Dropping in at least £5 into Wink Bingo will let you take away a 250% bonus and up to £1,000 from their ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature.


On mFortune, you can claim a no deposit bonus when you join, then for a first deposit you will be given a cash match.

888 Ladies:

Enjoy three days of free bingo and £40 to play with when you join and deposit £10 on 888 Ladies.

Being able to game on your mobile really is one of the best things in the world for a bingo fan. If you’ve never experienced it we recommend that you load up a couple of apps and take them for a spin.