Entropay Bingo Sites


With so many different payment options in the online bingo world these days we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to fund our bingo accounts. Although PayPal is often regarded as the biggest and best way to manage your account as an alternative to using debit or credit cards, it has seen a few competitors arise over the last few years.

One such option is Entropay, which is becoming more and more popular on both online and mobile bingo sites.

What is Entropay?

This method of payment is a simple, secure and safe method of transferring funds online, much like PayPal. However instead of transferring funds from your own personal bank account to an e-wallet, you load the cash onto a special prepaid Visa card. This can only be used either online or over the telephone, and gives that added security benefit over simply using your regular debit card.

This is a great middle-man between e-wallet and credit card, as it means that you’ll have to pre-pay it yourself, avoiding any credit card interest or repayment issues. In addition as it’s a separate card and from your regular bank card, you’re also being protected in the event of online or telephone fraud, as your personal bank details are kept hidden from any transactions made.

At its core, Entropay offers an alternative payment method which allows people from across the world to both send and receive money online almost instantly.

How do you join and use it?

Joining Entropay is pretty easy to do – all you have to do is simply head to the website and fill out your details to register for an account. As it’s a pre-paid card which involves no interest, there are no credit checks to wait for, which is another benefit of this payment method. After your account is verified you can just start topping up your prepaid Visa card and get spending online, it really is as easy as that!

Entropay vs PayPal

When it comes to funding your online bingo account, both Entropay and PayPal have benefits and drawbacks, but which is better, Entropay bingo or PayPal bingo? If you’re playing in the US then the answer is easy as Entropay is not an accepted form of money management in the states.

However elsewhere you might find Entropay a favoured payment method as it’s a great alternative to your debit card without having to go through the credit check process of getting approved for a credit card. For those with low credit it’s a great choice. On the downside, there are fees associated with Entropay in that they may take commission for uploaded on withdrawing money from your account. In contrast to this, PayPal is completely free of charge to withdraw or top up.

Both payments are regarded as safe and secure, and are a great alternative to debit cards as they don’t reveal your bank details. Both also offer the transfer of funds at the click of a button however PayPal comes out as a winner as they don’t charge you money to transfer or withdraw.

Best Entropay Bingo Sites

There are quite a few sites bingo sites that accept Entropay out there, but we’ve come up with a shortlist of our favourites:

Bingo Hollywood:

Get a 300% bonus on top of your first deposit with Entropay at this bingo site. Plus 1,000 Star Points to exchange for free bingo tickets.

Wink Bingo:

Get a 250% bonus on top of your first deposit of £10 or more made with Entropay, as well as a spin of the prize wheel for a guaranteed bonus of between £15 and £1,000.

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