How to Pick a Payment Method for Online Bingo


When you play bingo online, you’ll be able to pick exactly how you would like to place your cash into your account. You could go for something straightforward, like inputting your card details on a site, or something more secure like using an alternate payment method. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Sites with the best Payment Options

If you’re focussed on variety when it comes to payment options, then these sites have you covered:

  • Wink Bingo – Check out this site for a wide range of payment methods, games and promotions. Right now there’s a £5 no deposit bonus ongoing that you can snap up to get started without paying.
  • 888 Ladies – Remember to use the code LADIES60 when you make a first deposit here, no matter which payment method you use. They’ll give you 500% extra to spend and a huge lobby to spend it in.
  • Tasty Bingo – This site accepts just about every payment method there is! This site is super simple to navigate and there’s no end to the entertainment.

We always recommend that you look into the terms and conditions of these offers on their sites before you claim.

E Wallets

Our readers will know that we favour PayPal as an E Wallet account, as it’s a really safe way to play bingo online. PayPal isn’t the only one of these though, as there’s also Neteller and Skrill to look into that all constitute as E Wallets. They all offer the same basic service, but some have more perks than others.

We love this kind of payment method for playing online, as it keeps your details locked down. They’re generally really simple to use and are used by thousands of players all over the world, meaning that you can find many sites that accept them.

E Vouchers

E Vouchers are often seen as the safest online bingo payment method, purely down to their anonymous nature.

Purchasing one of these vouchers, such as a Paysafecard gives you a pin number that you then redeem online. You can buy them with cash at a store too, so you don’t need to share your card details with anyone or you can even buy them if you don’t own a card. Ukash was another version of this payment method but it’s no longer on the market, sadly.

The only downsides to using the anonymous voucher methods is that you’d have to go to a retail outlet to purchase them which can be inconvenient. Additionally, if you lose the voucher you’ll have to act fast before the code is used by someone, or else you won’t receive your money back. Also another drawback of this method is that you can only deposit this way, not withdraw.


Though this may seem like pretty futuristic stuff, some sites now do offer cryptocurrency payments. The most common of these is bitcoin, which is the market leader in this type of payment. Basically, you own a bitcoin, which is a chain of code that’s almost imaginary money.

The code is unique to you and the price of it goes up and down depending on the demand for the currency. Breakout Coin is another cryptocurrency, but this one is targeted towards the gambling industry in particular.

Phone Bill

Another payment method that many players enjoy using is to add their deposit to their phone bill. It’s a secure way to play online that gives you the chance to accept the deposit from the mobile phone number that you register it with. The payments can be capped though, so you might not be able to deposit quite as much as you like.

Bank Cards

The most common way of paying for things online is through your debit or credit card. However it’s also one of the easiest ways that hackers and financial fraudsters can get access to your information and possibly take your for thousands. With debit cards, the deposit and withdrawal process is fairly simple but not all sites allow you to withdraw to your credit card, though it’s becoming a more popular option.

Choose how you would like to play, with these secure online payments then select one of the safe bingo sites that will pay you fairly. Protecting yourself online is paramount, so don’t underestimate the value of these.

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