iPhone Bingo with PayPal


If there’s one thing in the gaming industry that’s become incredibly popular in the last couple of years it’s playing bingo on iPhones.

Mobile technology now allows us to play our favourite bingo games whenever we like on a brilliant and portable platform, plus there’s actually a lot more to it than it may first seem.

Browser-based iPhone Bingo Vs Downloadable Apps

There are two main ways in which you can get your fill of iPhone bingo with PayPal, you can either use a website through your device’s browser or you can download an app straight to your phone.

Both of these methods have their own positive and negative sides to using them.

For example, with mobile bingo sites you don’t have to download or update and additional software, they tend to be more stable than apps and they don’t require any game installations. However, you often have to log in to them and it can be considerably slower to use them than an app.

IPhone bingo apps, on the other hand, allow for instant access to your content, they feature a more streamlined design and they can sometimes incorporate additional features like use of your phone’s camera. However, they often have to go through lengthy downloads, installations and updates, plus they can temperamental on certain devices.

Are There Compatibility Issues?

There are still a few bugs you will encounter with iPhone bingo sites, but thankfully that’s mainly confined to the much older models. If you have anything above an iPhone 5 like a 5c or even an iPhone 6 and it runs on the latest iOS8 software, then you shouldn’t really run into any problems.

Staying Safe On iPhone Bingo Sites

One of the biggest concerns with playing bingo online is how you can keep yourself and your bank details safe. There are a number of different methods you can use and one of the most popular is to use an alternate payment system like PayPal or phone bill payments.

Both of these payment systems provide you with a range of benefits as well as a slew of problems to deal with.

For example, with PayPal you can enjoy instant transfers, third party payment procedures so the site you’re using never sees your card details and you can easily track how much cash is coming out your account and when.

However, its biggest fault is that your account can be locked without warning by PayPal staff and when that happens you have to endure a lengthy identification process with their Customer Service team.

Then there’s phone bill payments, with this you can instantly transfer cash into your account using your mobile and the money you put in is charged to your phone bill or taken out of your mobile credit.

It’s a great system that lets you instantly transfer cash in and it’s perfect for mobile players as you can top up your account and get back to gaming. However, your deposits are limited to a maximum of £10 at a time, so you can’t really play with large amounts of cash.

iPhone Friendly Bingo sites

Thanks to the popularity of iPhone bingo there’s now countless iPhone bingo sites that take PayPal, we’ve come up with a list of a few of our favourite sites to play on.

Bingo Hollywood:

A minimum deposit of £5 on Bingo Hollywood will let you pick up a 300% bonus, 1,000 Star Points to play with and seven whole days of free bingo games.

Wink Bingo:

Dropping in at least £5 into Wink Bingo will let you take away a 250% bonus and up to £1,000 from their ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature.


On mFortune, you can claim a no deposit bonus when you join, then for a first deposit you will be given a cash match.

888 Ladies:

Enjoy three days of free bingo and £40 to play with when you join and deposit £10 on 888 Ladies.

Being able to game on your mobile really is one of the best things in the world for a bingo fan. If you’ve never experienced it we recommend that you load up a couple of apps and take them for a spin.