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The Joy of Bingo Network is one of the largest ones out there but they offer players a level of uniqueness that other sites don’t.

Usually big networks run the same rooms across all of their sites, bringing all of their gamers together and making the rooms bigger, which can get boring. Instead of doing this Joy of Bingo sites keep their players separate until their big jackpot games.

What Makes this Network Unique?

As we’ve already mentioned this network is a bit different as they have more individual games per site, which means that you can play on a number of them without getting bored. When there are less players in a room your chances of winning skyrocket, especially on guaranteed jackpot games.

They also have more different promotions to take advantage of as only some of them will run across the whole JBN. This will boost your odds when it comes to prize draws too, as less bingo players equals less competition.

Although they tend to keep things site exclusive their progressive jackpots are networked, but this is a good thing. The jackpot will increase faster as there are more gamers spinning the slot in question so players can win big more often.

What are Some Typical Bonuses and Games Offered on JBN Sites?

Joy of Bingo affiliates have different bonuses but they do have some frequently recurring ones for you to take advantage of.

They usually have a loyalty program that will let you grab some extra bonuses for being a regular player on their site. These are usually in the form of lps that you can save up each time you wager on the site, each bundle of 1000lps is worth £1 to play bingo with. You can earn even more of these by completing set tasks on the sites like playing certain slots.

They also have another VIP bonus club that appears in the form of the Joy Gem VIP Club, where the more you’ve played on the site. You can use some of these extra bonuses across the whole JBN and its sister sites, perfect if you like to switch things up.

Top JBN Sites

Obviously you can play on all of these sites with your PayPal account and we have a couple of suggestions of sites you can start out on.

  1. Tasty Bingo – this delicious site will set your mouth watering with all of its fab deals and bonuses. When you deposit on this site you’ll get a 200% bonus on payments between £5 and £100, they’ll also add in an extra £10 too, so you’ll be playing all your favourite games in no time.
  2. Wink Bingo – when you get online with this site you’ll get a chance to grab some extra bonus funds when you spin their prize wheel. It has a guaranteed prize of at least £15 and you could manage to grab all the way up to £1000 on top of your 250% bonus. Wink Bingo has a range of additional promotions and bonuses for you to take advantage of so it pays to play here.
  3. Bingo Street – relaxing with this bingo provider will grant you a 200% first deposit bonus as well as an extra chance to win another £5 in funds. You’ll need to pick a sign on the signpost to determine how much you’ll win here and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to splash the cash on free bingo.
  4. Redbus Bingo – when you climb aboard with this site you’ll be treated to a 250% bonus so you can see the sites. It costs £10 to get this bonus but it will come in handy when you want to try out all of their bingo and slot games.
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