MasterCard – Perfect Online Payment Method

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Regulars to our site will know that we advocate the use of alternative payments to credit cards due to the hidden fees and fines that you could wind up paying off when you use your credit card to deposit at a site. However, thanks to the MasterCard debit card option you can deposit at bingo sites that accept MasterCard and wave goodbye to those pesky and unfair penalties.

MasterCard is the most recognised payment method and every single bingo site accepts them as method of payment.  That means that whether you want to join the likes of Ruby Bingo, Bingo on the Box, Bingo Hollywood, Sparkling Bingo  to enjoy some no deposit free bingo action then you can do so as they all accept MasterCard.

The likes of Bingo Cove and City Bingo also accept MasterCard but you don’t have to use this as method of payment if you don’t want to, they both offer no deposit games with real cash prizes!  

When it comes time to make a deposit using MasterCard all you have to do is grab your debit card and fill out the long number on the front.  Then, it’s as easy as filling in the expiry date and choosing your deposit amount.

MasterCard Vs E-Wallets:

For anyone not completely sold on card payments there’s e-wallets, which are a great alternative to making MasterCard payments.

For example, e-wallets allow for instant transactions from your bank to your casino or bingo account. This is great way to stay on top of how much money is going into and out of your account. E-wallets also provide secure servers that will keep your card details and sensitive information safe at all times.

However, they do have a few problems; some e-wallets aren’t available on certain sites.

Also, some e-wallets payment systems like PayPal can lock your account without warning sometimes. Plus other e-wallet options like Neteller for example, can come with a few additional charges when you make online transfers.

MasterCard’s on the other hand are universally accepted across a wide range of sites, they’re relatively easy to set up and you can store a massive amount of cash on the cards since they’re directly linked to your bank account.

However, they too have a few downsides.

The biggest problem with MasterCard is that they aren’t 100% secure as you still have to store all of your sensitive information on the site you’re using, so if it gets hacked your details could be compromised.

Sites That Accept Master Card Payments:

MasterCard payments are accepted across tons of bingo sites out there, with so many to choose from, we’ve simplified things by selecting a couple that are worth checking out.

Cheers Bingo:

Make a minimum deposit of £10 into this site and you will be given £20 to play with. Plus after your first top-up they will let you spin a wheel to win a cash prize of between £5 and £2,500.

Bingo Hollywood:

A first deposit here will give you a 300% bonus and 1,000 Star Points that will get you started on this sites Loyalty Programme.

Wink Bingo:

A first deposit of at least £5 on this bingo site will land you a 250% bonus and a turn on a prize wheel to win between £15 and £1,000.

MasterCard is an incredibly popular payment system and they’re guaranteed to be around for a long time on bingo sites as people will still rely on this system to handle their cash.

So when you’re making payments into your online account why not try using MasterCard?