Neon Bingo

Are you always open to a new Dragonfish bingo site? We wouldn’t be surprised if you felt that way, since this software is so very good. Many sites license it, and then apply their own stamp and presentation.

Let’s pay attention to what Neon Bingo is doing to keep things new and lively. First thing you’ll notice is its LOUD neon effects on a black background. It’s quite a feast for your eyes whenever you login!

The whole site just has a loose, airy, fun and causal vibe. The big neon lights tell you some interesting things and we love what comes first:

  • 300% match bonus!

  • Number of players online

  • Jackpots total

  • Paid out yesterday

  • Neon Blog

  • Neon Winners

We could not agree more with the Neon-Bingo approach to its bingo community. The focus here is, nonetheless, squarely upon its progressive jackpots. That seems to be where the real buzz is among Neon players. What a good sign!

The games, from Dragonfish once again, are the classics of 75- and 90-ball bingo, slots, scratch cards and other side games. There are about 8 coverall games per day, up to £1,500 guaranteed.

More exciting: the progressives. Each type of bingo offered by Neon has its own progressive jackpot:

  • 75-ball bingo has Diamonds Are Forever progressive

  • 90-ball bingo has House Party progressive

  • High-5 has Swedish Jackpot progressive

These rooms are where life changing events happen. As in all things, to be lucky you must put yourself in lucky situations!

Banking with Neon Bingo

One of the greatest things about this new bingo site is its PayPal-bingo option. Neon Bingo got that right, since most of us want ways to avoid using a credit or debit card online. The great, original e-wallet, PayPal, offers the most because of its enormous popularity.

It’s a bit like Facebook, where most of your friends happen to be registered. Using PayPal is so useful because so many of the people we know also use it. It’s like the world’s biggest bank, or a social-network bank!

Using PayPal to buy bingo cards is nice because you are very safe doing so, and, if any problems arise concerning billing then PayPal’s enormous clout bears down on a merchant on your behalf.

A fresh new site like Neon, furthermore, has been checked out by PayPal — as all applicants to handle transactions are by this trusted online bank. That is a bit of extra peace of mind that we love.

For the same reason (trustworthiness), Neon has scored highly because it is a new bingo site by Dragonfish. Some players look for this software brand and sign up when its games are available in a new format. Neon Bingo is a super smart new platform for these award-winning games.