New PayPal Bingo Sites 2015

When it comes to managing our money online the majority of us tend to stick to something we’re familiar with or a system that’s reliable and guarantees safety for our cash. That’s why PayPal tends to be the main choice for those who want to manage their money online as it’s a secure system that everyone trusts.

Why Use PayPal In 2015?

Although it may not seem like it, PayPal is actually the best thing you can use to manage your cash in twenty fifteen. This is because in an age of everything going digital where all our transactions and interactions with each other are conducted online remaining safe is our priority and PayPal is one of the best ways to do that.

This is especially true considering the leakage of personal information by different websites over the last few months has made everyone question how safe our card details and other sensitive information can really be online. Through all this PayPal hasn’t even had an issue which is why so many people flock it and its guarantee of secure servers that we can store our payment details on.

What About Other Methods?

Of course in two thousand and fifteen there have been massive improvements in the number of payment systems out there and the ways in which we can pay our online bills or fill up accounts.

Now we can enjoy options like Ukash where we can store our cash on special vouchers that come with unique 19-digit codes. With the ability to drop between £5 and £500 on a single voucher Ukash is incredibly popular. But unfortunately it does have a few problems, for example the safety of your cash is completely reliant on you not losing the voucher because if you do your cash could be gone for good.

Another option is to use Paysafecard, which behaves just like Ukash vouchers and allows you to put cash on a small card. Where they differ is that you only have a 16-digit code and you can only top up in set amounts of £10, £25, £50, £75 and £100 so you’re a bit restricted when it comes to deposits.

Finally another new option you could test out is phone bill payments. This system allows you to top up your account by charging your deposit onto your monthly phone bill or taking it out of your Pay-As-You-Go credit. It’s perfect for mobile users as you can quickly top up your account and get back to gaming.

Unfortunately it does have a few problems, chief of which is that you can only top up your account with a max of £10 at a time so it can take quite a while to fill up your account if you’re planning on playing with a large amount of money.

Which Are The Best New Bingo Sites In 2015?

We collected a selection of top new sites that accept PayPal (and other safe payment methods)  – have a look:

Each year the different types of new bingo sites we see get better and better, 2014 has some absolutely amazing websites to play on that came with generous bonuses and some incredibly creative promotions and with the year coming to a close it’s exciting to see what the next year will bring.

Although there’s no way to specifically say what we’ll see next year it’s safe to say that 2015’s new PayPal bingo sites will be the best the industry has ever seen.

These new sites will undoubtedly have even larger bonuses waiting for us to claim to make sure that whenever we deposit we get the most out of our money. Perhaps new bingo sites in 2015 might start rewarding you with bonuses for depositing with PayPal just like how some sites will give you a 10% bonus for using Ukash vouchers to deposit. So when you’re using a bingo site stick with PayPal when you’re making your payments because it’s a reliable system that will always keep your cash safe!