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When you’re playing online bingo you’ll have a choice between download and no download bingo games. These each come with advantages and disadvantages, depending on the way you like to play.

What is no Download Bingo?

No download bingo is any site that you can use without having to download an app or program to use. Some older sites ask players to download their software to get online with and a lot of apps require you to download to play too.

These sites will allow you to jump online without a download package to install and there can be benefits to playing this way. It’s up to you which you prefer but have a look at the promotions that you have readily available to see if the site is for you.

No Download Bingo vs Download Bingo

Each of these ways to play is valid and it depends which the player finds most convenient and enjoyable.

No download bingo takes less time to get online with but with downloaded bingo packages you’ll be able to access the games quicker. Since files are stored on whichever device you’re using to play they can be retrieved faster than accessing them online, as would be necessary with a no download site. The downside to this is that you’ll have the files from the site taking up space on your PC or mobile device, which can fill up fast and make the software run slower.

With a downloaded bingo site you may need to update the software each time new games are added to keep the library up to date. They also may improve the software which will also require you to reinstall or update the site.

The idea of downloading can be confusing to newbies and some just prefer to keep their games online. Others are distrustful of unknown software downloads to keep their PC running smoothly, but if you research the site that you want to download from you can find out if they’re reliable or not. It’s easy to uninstall these sites if you need to and these can stop the device from running slowly if you’re encountering any issues.

Accepting both kinds of site will give you more choice in bingo providers and this will allow you to get the best deals. There’s no wrong answers when it comes to choosing but make sure that you check out all of the offers and games on site before you start downloading and depositing.

Top no download sites

If you want to cut out the hassle of downloading and just play on your chosen site then you can do just that on any one of our preferred sites below.

Tasty Bingo

– This delicious site will place a feast of promotions in front of you when you get playing here. Their 300% welcome bonus is just the start of the fun and you’ll love taking part in their regular games. The jackpot games are the icing on the cake though, so make sure you join in on these.

Bingo Hollywood

– This site will get you started with a fab 300% welcome bonus to get the VIP party in full swing. They’ll even give you hours of no download bingo free online as part of your newbie package, so you can dive into their lobby or slots catalogue without delay.

Mecca Bingo

– When you make a £10 pay in here you’ll find your balance boosted to £50 to play with on the double. With a plethora of games in their bingo and slots sections you won’t find a lack of things to play on. This established name is one of the biggest in bingo and you’ll enjoy everything that they have to offer under one roof.

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