Pay your Food and Drink Bill with PayPal!

Pay your Food and Drink Bill with PayPal!

How often have you stopped to look at the door of a bar or restaurant looking for the Mastercard logo, the Visa sign or the Maestro symbol?  Probably every single time you venture anywhere!  Well you could soon be stopping to see if the PayPal logo is sitting alongside these, as PayPal have recently made such a tremendous leap in progress that you can now settle your bill using just your Smartphone and PayPal account.  That’s right, folks – not only can PayPal help to keep your details safe when you join an online bingo site accepting PayPal but it is even making it far easier, quicker and safer for you to pay for things in your day-to-day life!


 PayPal have utilised the growing popularity in mobile phone applications to design this technology set to revolutionise paying for your restaurant and bar tabs.  They are even trying to integrate their software into our local shopping centres to allow customers with a PayPal account to simply “swipe” their smartphones at the tills.  They do this by employing the services of the “Tabbedout” mobile phone application.  Those of you who are slight technophobes needn’t worry, as utilizing this leap in technology is as simple as opening a tab at the restaurant or bar of your choice using the Tabbedout application then entering your PayPal username and password – just like you would anywhere online or at your fave bingo site!  You will also be required to enter your PIN number to enhance the safety of this app and then you are free to pay your bill directly from your Smartphone.  As we all know from depositing at online bingo sites using PayPal, the cash is transferred almost immediately.

Not only will you be able to pay for your food and drinks but you will also be able to open your bar or restaurant bill to view it afterwards – a perfect way to keep track of your purchases without keeping a huge bundle of pesky receipts.  If you wish to have a look and see what this extremely handy PayPal Smartphone collaboration app could offer, head to where a demonstration is available to view.

At first, this innovative way to pay will be available to those PayPal and Smartphone users over the pond in Texas, but naturally it will be open to customers nationwide in the US and indeed worldwide not long after this, so we can soon look forward to this extremely handy payment method outside the realms of our fave bingo sites!