Paypal Bingo Sites with Best Refer a Friend Bonus


Bingo players are a sociable bunch and when you find a new site, you’ll probably want to tell your bingo loving pals. By doing this, you’re helping a site get a new player so it’s only right that you are rewarded for doing so. This is known as a refer a friend bonus and is a staple promotion on many sites.

Top Refer a Friend Bingo Sites

If you and your friends are ready to join a new site then use the following to get a juicy refer a friend offer:

Wink Bingo – You’ll love the games here so much that you’ll want your friends to join in! Rack up 15000 loyalty points when your friend makes a deposit.

888 Ladies – If you’re looking for a cheerful bingo site to share with your friends then this is it. Claim a 500% bonus by using code LADIES60.

Lady Lucks Casino – Don’t let the name fool you, this site has a new bingo game to play in every couple of minutes. Start your time here with a £20 no deposit bonus, what an offer!

Tasty Bingo – If you and your friends love sweet bingo sites then look no further. Deposit £10 here and you’ll be playing with £40 plus a load of loyalty points when your friends deposit too.

Have a look in the terms and conditions section of each site before claiming these offers.

What is a Refer a Friend Bonus?

A refer a friend promo is one that gives you a bonus for the successful registration or deposit of each player you refer. Technically they don’t even have to be your real friend, though it’s much more fun if they are.

The method in which this is credited varies from site to site and may include sending your friend a unique link or quoting your alias during the registration process. Once they have successfully signed up or deposited then you’ll get your bonus.

What Types of Bonuses can we Expect when we Refer a Friend?

These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the bingo site that you claim them from. The amount that you get differs as well as the method in which it is given, these can include:

  • Real cash
  • Bonus cash
  • Loyalty points
  • Bonus points
  • Vouchers
  • Tangible prizes
  • Free spins

Some of these bonuses are better than others, as they can be free of wagering requirements or just more appealing than others. When you claim these offers, you should weigh them up against the deposit that may be required from your friend and other offers on the market.

Most players prefer real cash so that they can withdraw it but if you get a tangible prize that is worth more from another site then the choice is obvious. It’s also about what you like as a player, as you might prefer to play with a bonus rather than free spins.

Are there T&Cs to be aware of?

With terms and conditions, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry and do some investigation. With refer a friend bingo sites, there should be a section on the promotion all about the terms you should know about. These might contain:

  • The wagering requirements that apply to a bonus given
  • How much your friend would need to deposit
  • What your loyalty points could be turned into
  • When the offer expires
  • What your friend needs to do for the bonus to be credited
  • Under what circumstances the bonus wouldn’t be given, e.g. in the case of duplicate accounts, where fraud is detected or unsatisfactory information is given

It’s always good to have a quick scan of these terms to ensure that the offer is as good as advertised.


If you’re a popular roomie that always has their finger on the pulse of new bingo sites, then you should refer your friends through these promotions. They get a great bingo experience and you get a bonus, so it’s win win.

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