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Progressive jackpot slots online are among the most popular games of all. There is good reason for that, since these games are great to play, with lots of features and of course the jackpot itself. Let’s see where you can start playing for progressive jackpots now.

Best sites to play progressive slots


Wink delivers a great selection of slot games alongside their more-familiar bingo offerings. If you want to be in with a chance to win a progressive pot, look for the games available here.


Tasty Bingo has a section reserved for progressive jackpots, so they are easy to find. From there, you merely need to decide which game to start with!


Head into the casino section of Bingo Hollywood and you can select the jackpot games so you know which ones have this built in. You’ve got more than a dozen to choose from!

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

Progressive slot jackpots are jackpots offered in addition to the biggest prize given in the paytable for a slot game. A portion of each bet made goes into the progressive pot, and when the requirements for the jackpot are met, the lucky person meeting those requirements will win the lot. More about these requirements in a moment.

Standalone vs network progressive jackpot slot

Yep, there are two types:

  1. A standalone jackpot is available on just one site
  2. A network jackpot is provided on more than one site

Each one has good points and bad points.

The standalone jackpot

  • PRO – only available on one site, so there’s less competition to win it
  • CON – it’s likely to be smaller, as fewer people will be playing for it

The network jackpot

  • PRO – more people are playing on more sites, so the progressive jackpot could be huge
  • CON – more people means more chances someone other than you will win it

When will the jackpot drop?

That’s the million-dollar question! No one knows, but there are different ways the jackpot could be triggered:

  • A specific combination of icons on the reels could trigger it
  • Some jackpots are triggered at random
  • Some (although not many) trigger when the jackpot hits a certain amount

How does RTP affect the winnings?

RTP stands for return-to-player. This is the amount a player could reasonably expect to get back, on average, over a long period playing the game. Of course, it could be a lot lower or higher depending on luck and playing time.

We’ve looked at one popular slot, Fluffy Favourites, which has a regular and a jackpot version. Information online reveals the standard version has an RTP of around 95%, while the jackpot version has an RTP of about 89.9%. This is because a portion of the bets placed will go into the jackpot fund, and very few players will ever win this.

So, the jackpot is there and you could win it, but in exchange for that possibility, the return-to-player percentage is likely to be lower for these games than it would be for regular slot games. Bear this in mind (although we doubt it will put anyone off playing them in the hope of winning!).

Can I win using bonus funds or free spins?

Some sites will only allow you to win progressive jackpots using real funds. Others will allow a win with bonus money or free spins… but you may find you need to play through your winnings several times before you can claim them.

Our advice? Always play for progressive jackpots with your own money, just to be safe! The worst thing would be to win and to discover you cannot withdraw any of that lovely cash.

Are there Ts and Cs to think about?

There are things you should watch for that won’t always be in effect, but if they are, it pays to know about it ahead of time.

  • Are winnings given in installments? If so, how many installments and how much is given each time?
  • Do withdrawal limits prohibit you from withdrawing all your winnings at once? If so, it may take a while to withdraw the maximum amount each day or week to get hold of your progressive jackpot prize
  • Are you required to agree to publicity? This may only mean your first name and your surname’s initial are used to promote the win, but it could mean photos are required. Always check first.

Top tip: check the rules on each site

Different sites will enact different rules in their T&Cs, and that applies to the conditions placed on jackpot slots as well.

Will you play progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive slots are good fun for good reason – the jackpots can be huge! With some approaching a million pounds or more, they can be life-changing if they come your way.

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