PayPal Help Your Charity Campaign

PayPal Help Your Charity Campaign

Online bingo sites are no stranger to fundraising, with many sites not only holding bingo games in which a chunk of the proceeds go to charity but some of them even donating to charity as standard.  It would appear that the organisation we all use to keep our online bingo account safe – PayPal – are a generous bunch themselves!  Naturally they allow those who wish to donate to charity to use their services to do so but they also dish out the title of PayPal Fundraiser of the Year in order to raise awareness of the charities in question and of course to give them the well-deserving recognition.

When you head to because you have seen a fantastic bingo site accepting PayPal and wish to set up an easy to use PayPal account, don’t just leave straight away – take a moment to read their “Raise Finds with PayPal” section.  This section details PayPal’s online fundraising tools to outline the ease of use and safety involved in fundraising with PayPal.  PayPal also make sure that they include helpful guidelines that allow you to make the most out of your donation and fundraising campaigns.  Read up on how to use your account to raise awareness and support your cause as well as using it to raise find with social media applications.  To make it even easier for your supporters to donate, they can even hep you to receive donations via your friend mobile phones.

PayPal are such a massive company that they naturally act as magnets to some bad press, rarely giving us PayPal users a glimpse into their generous and charitable side.  However they wish to help your charity campaign succeed so much that they even teach you how to create your very own custom website in order to support your cause!

The most recent case of and individuals who received massive success that is partly due to PayPal’s excellent charity features – that also include hints and tips to make your campaign a success – was PayPal’s Fundraiser of the Year in 2012 – Simon Adams.  He utilised PayPal’s services to raise a whopping £334,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association before later sadly dying of the disease.

So remember – using PayPal to deposit at online bingo sites is all very well and good, but why not employ their excellent fundraising services to have a bash at making the world a better place, too?