PayPal in the Midst of Another Media Storm in Canada

PayPal in the Midst of Another Media Storm in Canada

PayPal are no strangers to scandal, and it would appear that they are currently PayPal is involved in another scandal!  Last Christmas alone they were at the centre of a media storm as they supposedly ruined Christmas for thousands of children worldwide when they allegedly pulled out of collaborating with children’s charity because they deemed it an “unworthy cause”.  Though this time, PayPal seem to be in a more helpful mood.

Just last week Elections Canada – the agency in charge of carrying out federal elections – confirmed that they are currently investigating over 31,000 voters cases across Canada in relation to automated calls that were alleged to have been made during the last election.  This move comes after allegations that many thousand phone calls that Election Canada received during the elections were directing voters to the incorrect polling centres.  It is thought that this was an effort to harass and isolate voters.

Citizens of Guelph, Ontario who had been attempting to vote made claims that they received automated messages directing them to wrong or completely non-existent polling centre.  As the investigations continued, it unfolded that a “burner” telephone – which is typically a completely separate phone-line utilised to carry out “shady” dealings –linked to the Ontario calls had been initiated by a company called RackNine, who are not being treated as culprits or under any of the investigations being led by Elections Canada.

It recently came to light that Elections Canada had in fact ordered the massive internet phenomenon that is PayPal to release “records”, PayPal operated under extremely strict policies regarding customer privacy and security and they refused to comment on the matter other than to confirm that they are working to co-operate with the court order issued by Election Canada, so it is unclear at present as to what Elections Canada hoped to gain from these PayPal records.

In light of this scandal, it has been reported that Canadian officials received more than 31,000 angry complaints, yet an unnamed MP for the Tory party claim that this situation was most likely caused by an Elections Canada error rather than outside interference, despite the fact that it has been uncovered that Elections Canada is trying to track down the person who registered the rogue telephone.  The person in question is said to have used the pseudonym “Pierre Poutine.”

When a company like PayPal continue to be such a huge presence, there are continuously going to be allegedly caught up in scandals.  However, as long as they continue to provide us with easy, safe and secure online bingo deposits then we online bingo fans are happy!