PayPal Mobile Payments on the Horizon!

PayPal are a global institution these days.  First they introduced a far safer, quicker and easier way to pay for things online – including the depositing and withdrawing at your favourite bingo.  If you haven’t already discovered the wonders of being able to play bingo games on your mobile phone you don’t know what you’re missing!  The ability to whip your phone out at the bus stop, in the doctor’s waiting room or on your lunch break and play the latest bingo games for the biggest bingo promotions is heaven to online bingo fans!  Then PayPal progressed into the mobile bingo sector, and the fact that you could play bingo on your mobile become even more appealing!  Though you can never truly, 100% be completely safe from fraud and even PayPal isn’t completely immune to being tampered with, but right now it remains as one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for things online.  This means that there are more and more of you choosing an online bingo site that accept PayPal, but could you soon be using your PayPal account to buy your bingo tickets from your favourite brick and mortar bingo halls, too!

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Recently, the President of PayPal stepped down to become the CEO of search engine giants Yahoo, which in turn gave PayPal the leadership necessary to kick-start their plan to introduce their plans to mobilise their payment processes even more – by introducing PayPal payment within shops!  This means that ion the foreseeable future, PayPal is attempting to take their online affiliation with over 100 million global shoppers into the world of tangible payments!  They will be hopefully be offering their digital wallet design to cash transactions at retail locations, planning to do so in a series of ways from PIN to credit cards – they could even develop an amazing technology in which consumers simply scanning the barcodes of the items they wish to buy with their mobile phones – connected to PayPal – and paying for them instantly!  It may seem too good to be true now, but at the rate that PayPal are developing and changing already, who knows what could be achieved in the next few years?

So the next time you are depositing on your mobile bingo account using PayPal, just think – in a few years’ time you could walk into your favourite bingo hall, scan the bingo ticket and it’s yours!