Phone bill payments on mobile bingo

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In the last few years the way in which we can manage our money on our favourite Bingo sites has improved almost exponentially. We used to be stuck using the old credit card and debit card systems. These worked well but they were often a tad unreliable since payments took a few days to clear. Plus a site having direct access to your bank details didn’t always feel like the safest of options.

That’s why alternative payment options like phone bill Bingo payments were created. Phone bill payments are a relatively new system. Set up by the major phone operators it allows you to deposit into your casino account by charging your deposit on your monthly phone bill or by taking it out of your pay-as-you-go credit.

Pros and Cons of Phone Bill Payments

There are a lot of benefits and problems you can expect when you use phone bill payments.

On the side of benefits it allows for almost instantaneous transaction speeds, so you can spend more time gaming. Plus since a lot of sites now have mobile versions of their brands it’s perfect for mobile payments as you can deposit and go back to gaming almost seamlessly. Phone bill payments are also secure as you’re physically putting money into your account and your chosen casino website has no way of taking money from your bank account as the process only works one way.

However there are issues, you can only deposit in £10 micro-payments, so if you want to make a large deposit you’re going to spend a long time putting in single £10 deposits one after the other. Another problem stems from the fact that you can’t withdraw with phone bill payments, so if you want to take money out of your account you’re going to have to use another payment option. An option you could have probably just used in the first place to avoid hassle.

Alternative Options

If you’re not completely sold on the pay by phone bill on Mobile Bingo option, then there are alternative methods to choose from. For example you could use PayPal; this instantly recognisable brand features instant transaction speeds and sophisticated servers that ensure secure transactions. However PayPal does have its share of problems, for example your account can often get locked and its funds withdrawn without warning or a guarantee of you seeing your money again. To get your account unlocked you’ll also have to go through a lengthy identity clarification process as well.

You could also choose the Ukash option. Ukash uses a voucher system that gives each piece of paper its own unique 19-digit security code, so you’re cash is guaranteed to be safe. You can also deposit a maximum of £500 on the voucher and if you have extra vouchers lying around they can be combined into one lump sum. However Ukash does have its fair share of issues, for example you could easily lose your voucher and if you’re not quick to get a replacement sent out you could lose your cash permanently.

Brands That Accept Phone Bill Payments

The Mobile bingo pay by phone bill method has become so popular lately that there are now hundreds of different sites catering to it, rather than list each of these sites we’ve created a selection of what we think are the best ones to use.

Lady Lucks

Lady Luck really knows how to spoil their new members. When you join them you can expect to claim a generous £5 no deposit bonus as well as a 100% cash match on your first three deposits of up to £250 on your first, £100 on your second and £150 on your third. [Read more…]


With mFortune you’ll be given a 100% cash match on your first deposit and £5 free as part of their no deposit bonus. There are tonnes of great staple offers including prize giveaways, regular bonuses and a wide selection of games.

Winneroo Games:

At Winneroo you can also claim a £5 no deposit bonus as well as a 300% bonus on top of your first deposit of at least £10. So in future if you’re considering using an alternate payment option to manage your money on your chosen casino site, why not give phone bill payments a try.

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