RedBus Bingo Say “Happy New Year” with their Bingo Bargains!

RedBus Bingo Say “Happy New Year” with their Bingo Bargains!

What better way to beat those horrible January Blues than to play some terrific bargain bingo games at one of your fave online bingo PayPal accepted sites?  RedBus Bingo are just one of the bingo sites accepting PayPal that are offering some terrific January deals, so if you want to catch some action but are a bit cautious about sharing your details, RedBus Bingo is the site for you!  Forget the High Street – they have a terrific treat that will put the January Sales to shame!

In their £100 Penny Pinchers game, you will be able to win just that – 100 smackers!  The prizes within this fun-filled 95 ball bingo game playing every single Saturday night throughout the whole of January are as follows:

  • 1 line wins £15
  • 2 line wins £25
  • Full House wins £60

And the price of the tickets that will bag you this smashing prize?  Just 1 little penny:  you will literally be turning your pennies into pounds in this brill bingo bargain!  So make sure that you head to RedBus Bingo every Saturday in January from 8pm and swap a glass of wine down the pub for a cosy cuppa on the sofa with one of your fave PayPal bingo sites!

RedBus Bingo couldn’t possibly stop at this!  This little bingo site with PayPal has also started advertising their awesome Valentine’s Day treat!  True it is over a month away but you can start playing for points to redeem for tickets to their massive £15K Joy LOVE Pot right now!  Every 500 points will act as 1 ticket to the game playing out on 14th February at Tasty Bingo at 10pm!  In this game, 1 line will bag you a massive £2K, 2 lines will earn you a whopping £3K but it’s the Full House that you REALLY want to win, because this will win you an epic £10K!  Start racking up your points now by bingoing on the Pot of Gold pattern, wagering on your fave bingo and Instant Games or simply by emailing and detailing the most romantic thing anyone has done for you!

If you think that all of this is generous enough, just wait until you see what you receive when you make your first Bingo PayPal Deposit with RedBus Bingo!  Rather than simply giving away a generic little welcome bonus, you will be given a fantastic little online scratchcard that will have you scratching away to reveal your prize – this could be up to a massive 2,000%!