Roulette and Bingo


Because of the growing popularity of Bingo sites a lot of the new brands that are appearing have to come up with some sort of new feature to keep things fresh, draw interest to their site and cater to a wider array of tastes.

That’s perhaps why a lot of Bingo websites have started using the PayPal method whilst others have fleshing out their ranks with Roulette games.

Although it’s an unlikely combination, Bingo and Roulette games actually work well together.

Why Roulette?

For starters games of Roulette give players a wide array of ways to wager – with this side game the sky’s the limit to the various lines and stratagems you can create.

Roulette also has a great odds system on its payouts, each section of the board in Roulette comes with its own special odds.

For example the ‘Red’ and ‘Black’ areas come with odds of ‘2:1’ whilst the single number bets have a return rate of a massive 35:1. It’s this high level of RTP that makes these games so popular amongst players.

Which Roulette Is Best?

When it comes to playing Roulette you’re pretty spoiled for choice with your options as there are a ton of different variations on this classic game.

For example there’s the American Roulette game. The American Roulette table features 38 sections that span number squares of 1 to 36. As a unique feature it also contains a single and a double zero. Although the downside is that American Roulette has low odds on return.

Another option is to playon a European Roulette table. A lot more common than its American counterpart, European Roulette is laid out almost the same as the US version, only they have a single zero instead of a double. A great feature of European Roulette games is that they have a higher rate of payout so you can expect regular wins with a European Roulette game.

There’s also French Roulette, usually called La Partage Roulette. These games come with an insurance bet that gives you half your cash back if a zero appears.

Bingo Sites That Have European Roulette

Because of the popularity of these table games there is a near infinite number of Bingo sites out there that will let you play Roulette.

Each one of these sites comes with their own unique benefits and specific requirements for player contribution to wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

But rather than go through all of them, listing all of the advantages and disadvantages, we just collected a selection of what we consider to be the best ones to try out.

Wink Bingo:

At Wink Bingo not only will you be able to claim a 200% bonus on your first deposit you’ll also get a turn on their unique prize wheel to win a guaranteed cash bonus of between £15 and £1,000 on one spin.

Bingo Hollywood:

Bingo Hollywood has a brilliant 300% bonus on top of your first deposit of at least £5. Should you decide to re-deposit you’ll also be able to claim a 75% bonus on top of your funds, drop in more than £50 and this gets amped up to a brilliant 100% bonus.

Tasty Bingo:

The sign-up bonus at Tasty Bingo is fantastic, deposit between £5 and £100 and you’ll receive a 200% bonus, plus you’ll also get £10 in bonus cash on top as an extra.

Mobile Sites Now Compatible With the PayPal Option

Thanks to the popularity of PayPal as an alternate payment option it seems that some sites have started catering to the mobile payment option that this super slick system provides to players. Rather than go through all the mobile sites, we’ve just picked out our best one.


mFortune really spoil their members as you’ll be able to claim a 100% bonus on top of your first deposit. Plus when you create an account with them you’ll also receive a £5 no-deposit bonus.

So in future when you’re looking for a casino site to start out on, why not opt for one with Roulette. With just one spin of the wheel you’ll realize why everyone loves this classic casino game.

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