Shaman’s Dream Slots with Paypal


It’s often difficult to find a slot game that mixes a beautiful design, fun gameplay and the ability to use PayPal but somehow Shamans Dream manages to do all three incredibly well.

Featuring a Native American spiritualistic theme that encompasses a serene sunset in the background and reels that seem as if they’ve been hued out of wood, Shamans Dream is just gorgeous.

Even the symbols inside the reels do a great job of really nailing the Native American tribal theme as they’re all different items from that culture.

From Tee-pees and Bison to Tomahawks and even majestic eagles, it can get a little humbling at times.


Shamans Dream behaves like any ordinary slot game, it contains five reels and 25 paylines to play across giving you a relatively large number of different ways to win.

Players have the ability to customize their gameplay by altering how many lines they’re willing to play across and the size of the bet they want to place per turn. These amounts can easily be changed by pressing the up or down arrows within the ‘Change Bet’ and ‘Change Lines’ options to change their wager or payline options.

The bet size in this game can range from 1p to £1 so you can get a fairly sizeable return for very little investment from this game.

You have the option to spin the reels manually by hitting the ‘Spin’ button or using ‘Auto Play’ to have them run automatically for a set number of turns or until you activate a bonus.


A top tip would be to try playing Shaman’s Dream slots with PayPal websites as you’ll be able to instantly transfer your winnings out or more money into your account thanks to the rapid transfer system of PayPal.

Unlike cards where you have to wait for a few days for your money to clear PayPal lets you get back to gaming without any delay.

Another bonus to playing Shaman’s Dream on PayPal Bingo sites is that you know your money is safe thanks to PayPal’s security systems.


A few tactics to consider whilst you’re playing the Shaman’s Dream slot game,is to try playing on a site that allows you to try out a demo mode.

This let you get to grips with the game and work out what strategy suits you best because as everyone knows, practice makes perfect.


It wouldn’t be a slot game unless there was a bonus mode and the Shaman’s Dream free spins bonus round is pretty great.

Unlocked by getting three or more dream-catcher scatter symbols on the reels, this round instantly awards you 15 free spins once it’s activated.

A brilliant feature to this bonus is that it can be retriggered, so you could chain a few of these together for a large payout if you’re lucky enough.

Where to Play

There’s a ton of different websites available to play Shamans Dream on, but rather than have you hunt through every one of them, we’ve selected a small sample of websites that we think have the best deals to get more mileage out of your money.

Bingo Hollywood:

If you decide to play on Bingo Hollywood you’ll get a great 300% bonus on your first deposit of a minimum of £5 or more, so that first £5 becomes £30.

There’s also an additional deposit bonus of up to 75% bonus on any subsequent redeposit of £5 to £50, or if you deposit more than £50 you’ll get a bonus of 100% instead. [Full Review]

Wink Bingo:

Wink Bingo has a pretty interesting bonus scheme up for grabs where you’ll get a 200% bonus for any first deposit of £5 or more.

But the fun doesn’t end there as you also get a turn on their bonus spin wheel; this interesting little gimmick gives you the chance to win a guaranteed cash prize that can range from £15 to £2,500.  [Full Review]

Tasty Bingo:

Tasty Bingo give their fans the best treats as a minimum first deposit of £10 gets you a 200% bonus plus a free £10. So your first deposit of £10 gets fattened up to a rather delicious £40.  [Full Review]

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