Where to Find the Best Bingo Jackpot Promos

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Everyone loves knowing they have a shot at winning some bingo jackpots. There are plenty of jackpot promotions around, because they attract a lot of interest. But how much do you know about them?

Where To Find The Best Jackpot Promotions


There are great bingo jackpots available every day at Wink. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to the lot, including Magic Monday and Soothing Sunday, which offers up to £10k!


Big bingo room jackpots are the order of the day every day at mFortune. Jackpots go from emerald up to diamond level, which could be worth over £50k!

Bingo Street

Look forward to progressive bingo jackpots at Bingo Street. Have you seen the Gold Mine 75, or Money Box 90 pots – just two of several you could be in line to win if luck is on your side?

Bingo Hollywood

There are lots of bingo rooms to enjoy at Bingo Hollywood. Look for 75-ball and 90-ball bingo jackpots to enjoy and see which ones are available to win each day.

Types of Jackpot Promos

If you thought a jackpot was just a jackpot, think again. There are lots of variations around, and we’ve listed the most popular ones right here. Be aware, though – there are lots of other bingo sites out there and most of them have jackpots of one kind or another.

Ongoing Jackpots

You’ll find these at places such as:

  • Wink
  • The Unwind

Ongoing means these jackpots are always on offer, usually daily, so that gives you an excellent chance to win whenever you take part. They may offer other jackpot types as well, but ongoing ones mean you always have something to play for.

Sliding Jackpots

Bingo Street has a Cash Cottage sliding jackpot. These jackpots are on a downward slide, meaning the fewer numbers you need to call bingo, the bigger the jackpot will be. For example:

  1. Call bingo within 30 calls – win £500
  2. Call bingo within 40 calls – win £350
  3. Call bingo within 55 calls – win £100

Those are just for illustrative purposes, of course. Bingo sites usually give you a table showing the prizes given for calling bingo within a certain number of calls.

Progressive Jackpots

Bingo Street uses progressive jackpots. The Sweet Stack Up jackpot is available every evening there, and it means the jackpot gets larger the longer it goes without being claimed. The more tickets are bought, the higher the jackpot gets:

  • A small portion of each ticket bought goes into the pot
  • The more tickets people buy, the bigger the pot becomes
  • When someone calls bingo (or meets the prize requirements), the pot is won
  • Some jackpots may have a guaranteed minimum

And for more on guaranteed amounts, keep reading…

Guaranteed Jackpots

Don’t you love a guaranteed jackpot to try and win? A guaranteed pot means the amount mentioned is guaranteed to be paid out – whether it is £100 or £10,000!

The amount will be given before you start the game. These attract lots of players, but the amounts can range from small to large jackpots, so watch out for that.


mFortune is a good example of this kind of jackpot. They offer surprise VIP rewards that give players bonuses to enjoy putting to use on the jackpot games.

Newbies Jackpots

Wink has a Newbie Room that is open only to… you guessed it… newbies. This means there is a smaller group of people permitted to play for the jackpots on offer. Make the most of it while you have the chance!

Penny Games with Jackpots

Playing bingo for pennies is always good fun. Whatever budget you have, it lasts far longer playing these games. They can offer jackpots, too, although the prizes may be smaller than those available for higher-ticket games.

Look out for the following games offering jackpots at Bingo Street:

  1. Joy 90
  2. Happy Place

There are some great advantages of playing penny games with jackpots:

  • You can buy more tickets for a low price
  • This increases the odds of winning, since each ticket gives you a separate chance to do so
  • Prizes can still be worthwhile, especially when considering the low cost of playing
  • Penny game jackpots are generally available daily on many sites
  • Lots of sites offer them!

Which Jackpots Will You Go for When You Play Bingo Today?

There are many great reasons to play bingo, but the chance of winning a jackpot is surely among the most exciting of the lot. If you haven’t come across any jackpot bingo games yet, make a start now by visiting some of the websites we mentioned above. You may find you like some jackpot variations better than others, but whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to get involved today!

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