Zuma Bingo

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Today we want to focus on playing bingo with the addition of a particularly great side-game for taking breaks from the action and the chatting. It is fairly common these days for the best bingo sites to give you nice slots, scratchcards or other fine amusements.

A Slot Famously Called Zuma

A jungle theme shapes the slot we have in mind to show you, called ‘Zuma’, although many other name-associations will come to mind, of course. There’s Jacob Zuma from Africa, or Zuma Beach in California USA, or, even the Crique du Soleil act by that name. You might also be interested in Isle of Bingo!

You know what? Zuma Slots takes its namesake from the Aztecs, as you will see from its superb reel and symbol graphics. It’s got five reels, and 20 paylines. The payout can get large with the maximum bet placed (200) — up to 10K coins.

The following bingo hot-spots are great places to find Zuma, since their bingo action is so hot. Although the slot games you find at such bingo destinations are every bit as good as what you find at the slots sites, they are offered to you within a comfy bingo setting, not a bustling online casino, if you know what we mean.

Zuma-Equipped Sites

Sun Bingo

If you like big bingo sites, then you will probably dig this extension of The Sun, a popular publication. With that famous tie-up you are sure to find reliability, great customer services and good bonuses. That starts with turning your £10 first deposit into a £40 starting balance for great bingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink is a big-shot in the bingo world, and so it’s not surprising that it tops even Sun with its slightly higher £45 welcome bonus. The bigger difference is Wink’s fun Spin the Wheel try. When you spin it, you will receive at least £15 free, but you could pull in up to £1,000 right away, just like that! [Read Review]

Caesars Bingo

You would expect the famous casino brand, the mighty Caesars, to be able to deliver a sweet combination like world-class bingo plus Zuma Slots. And it does, along with the super bonus of 200%, like our others here, but that goes all the way up to £400. Wow, that’s a lot of bingo and Zuma-spinning you’ll be doing at Caesars.

The bingo at all of these places is solid, in all the variations you are looking for including 90-, 80- and 75-ball rooms. The roomies and chat moderators in these select communities will have you giggling, have no doubt.
Zuma itself drops our jaws, every time we spin. Its Zuma Revenge and Zuma Deluxe rounds, too, make it all the more unexpected.

The chunky stone graphics and eerie glows from spinning carvings and jungle critters will mesmerise you. So be sure to stay alert — you’ll want to know when it’s time to punch up your bet limit as you feel the spins getting luckier.